DIY: Living Picture Frame

April 01, 2016

Does your skin look radiant from using our Face Polish? Not sure what to do with your empty containers? Why not create a living picture frame? Hannah, from our TD Square store in Calgary, created this beautiful living picture frame using an empty face polish container & a few other used items around her house.

Used stuff you'll need:

  • Empty face polish container
  • Old picture frame
  • 2 short nails
  • Beading wire, or something similar
  • Fresh flowers
  • 1 long nail for hanging on the wall

What to do now:

  1. Remove the label from the old polish container by soaking in warm water. You can also use a bit of vinegar to remove any leftover stickiness once the label is peeled off.
  2. Punch a pinhole in the bottom of the container. Hint: you want the hole to be big enough for your wire to go through, but small enough to be airtight  to hold water later.
  3. Find an old picture frame. Hannah found one that was a little battered and broken, which adds to the upcycled-look!
  4. Centre a short nail at each the top and bottom of the frame. These will be used to suspend your polish bottle.
  5. Thread your wire through the pinhole in the bottom of your polish container, then attach both ends of the wire to the frame by tying and wrapping around the nail heads. The polish container should now be suspended in the centre of your frame.
  6. Seal the hole in the bottom of your container using a little glue or another non-toxic adhesive. This will help make the container airtight so you can add water for your flowers.
  7. Hang on your wall, add fresh flowers, and smile. It's stunning!

Try more great upcycling ideas like creating a Water Garden or Flower Holders, or share your own on our Facebook page!


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