January 13, 2021 2 min read

We love eating avocados, but we love what they can do for your skin just as much (if not more). In the spirit of all things natural we wanted to dig into what makes Avocado so darn good for you — plus, we know you don’t need a recipe for avocado toast. 

Fun fact: Don’t be deceived by its green hue. An avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable!


image of avocado fruit hanging from tree.

What it can do on your skin

Avocado oil is jam-packed with proteins, antioxidants and vitamins to love your skin. Here’s a breakdown of some of those key players and what they do: 


Also known as Vitamin H, Biotin is a complex B Vitamin that helps prevent dry skin. It’s also known for giving brittle hair and nails a boost. 

Avocado Oil is the star ingredient in our Hand Butter. 

image of natural hand butter in use from Rocky Mountain Soap Company.

Vitamin E

Avocado Oil is also rich in Vitamin E, which is known for promoting healthy skin. 

Keep your whole body hydrated with Avocado Bar Soap.


This fat is found in avocado and helps keep your skin soft when used on your body’s largest organ. Sterolin and plant sterols are also known to help lower your cholesterol — when eaten, not when applied to your face, of course. 

Find Avocado Oil in our Hydrating Face Serum.

Image of Avocado Bar natural bar soap.


In your body or on your skin, the antioxidant content of avocados is here to help reduce skin inflammation. 

Image of Avocado being scooped into a bowl.

Beauty from the inside

A healthy, balanced diet is one way to help your skin health, for a gorgeous glow. Eating foods rich in healthy fats like avocado, extra-virgin olive oil, nuts & seeds and flaxseed oil support the healing and strengthening of skin, especially in those dry winter months. 

Want more tips on caring for your skin in the winter? Check out our co-owner and CEO, Karina’s winter skin care tips. And always be sure to drink plenty of water, folks!

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