March 02, 2015 2 min read

Even when it comes to our 100% natural ingredients some of us can still find ourselves meticulously reading labels in search of a pesky ingredient we find ourselves allergic or sensitive to.

In an effort to make the whole thing less complicated we’ve created a few collections that contain common allergens so you know which ones to avoid and which ones you can use without worrying. However, please be aware that our workshop is not an allergy-free zone. Although we do our very best, we cannot guarantee that there hasn't been any cross contamination. 

Please note that limited edition products are not included in this list. Please be mindful to check feature product ingredients, or ask for assistance with their ingredients.

raw oats


Say what?? Many ingredients, for instance, gluten, can’t be absorbed through your skin so although you may be allergic to consuming it unless you put it around your mouth that gluten ain’t getting in. That being said, some people develop a skin reaction separate from their internal allergy known as contact dermatitis.

Products containing Wheat Germ and Oats.

At this time, none of our other products contain gluten. The Black Oats in our day cream is tested to not contain gluten. For more information about gluten and allergies check out our FAQ page

Products containing Almond Oil:

Products containing Shea Butter:

Please note that there have been no reports of allergic reactions owing to the topical use of Shea Butter because it does not contain allergen binding proteins.

Products containing Corn:

natural bar soap with a jar of shea butter


Coconut-free products: 

(With the exception of Vanilla Coconut scented varieties)


  • Our Vitamin E is sourced from non-GMO Soy.

Great news for those who have soy allergies - the soy protein is removed during processing and these ingredients are unlikely to bother you. 


  • Our Glycerin is sourced from filtered non-GMO Coconut Oil.

Our Unscented Products

Excellent for those with skin and scent sensitivities, you can view our entire Scent Free Collection here.

As always, feel reach out and contact us if you have any further questions and we will be happy to help!

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