Our friend,Chloe Hibbert (aka Clo.Photo) takes stunning photos of the Rocky Mountains. She makes us proud to be living and soap making where we do. We asked what her favourite Rocky products are. Here’s her list:

  1. Headache Balm - "This item is a new one but became an instant favourite, especially during the winter season when things are dark, depressing and freezing cold. The combination of peppermint and french lavender is really soothing and it’s small enough to fit in my bag so that I never forget it wherever I go."headache balm
  2. Seaweed & Spirulina Bath Bomb - "This one actually surprised me as being one of my favourites. The Juicy orange and Lemongrass bath bombs had always been my top 2, but one day i decided to mix up my 5 for $25 deal and try out the seaweed one. I am a HUUUUUGE fan of spearmint and had no idea how strongly this one smelled of minty freshness. Having had an understanding of how rich Kelp powder is in minerals, this became a top favourite for me very quickly, plus it added nicely to the rainbow effect with the Raspberry Rooiboos and Vanilla candy cane bath bombs. Who doesn't love a good rainbow effect in their bathroom?"

  3. Aloe & Honey Face Mask - "To be quite honest, I love all the face masks, but this is the one I've used more recently. The reason this product stands out to me is because of the fact it is powdered. One of the things that always turned me off about face masks is the mess they make of the tube, or the jar...especially if you forget to seal it properly. With a powdered product, you have control over how much you use and the consistency of it depending on whether you mix it with water. I actually tried mixing it with a little bit of the face polish one time and it helped exfoliate my skin better. The Aloe and Honey face mask leaves my skin feeling very hydrated as well, especially in Calgary's dry climate."
    hydrating face mask
  4. Breakout Buster -  "Ok... this product has been in my bag since it first came out. I am a hardcore fan of this tea tree oil stick. It's effective, it’s simple, it’s natural... and that's all you need really.  I've been guilty of using a lot of drugstore products in the past for breakouts and I find them incredibly harsh and especially during the winter I notice that my skin will be blotchy and sore unless I use a gentler method. I swear by this product. It would be my #1 but Rocky keeps coming out with better and better items to love."

  5. Foot Butter - "Before I discovered the breakout buster, I was using the foot butter pretty much on a daily basis. While it's not available at the moment, the fir and grapefruit foot salts paired with the popular Fir needle foot butter was absolutely dreamy. Fir Needle obviously is a personal fav as it reminds me of the mountains.

    To this day I've never had a paid pedicure that smelled as good as the one I do at home with these products. After a steaming hot soak in my foot basin, I apply the foot butter and then put on some fuzzy socks. In the morning my feet are super soft."

  6. Transformative Cleansing Oil - "This product is on the more expensive end of the scale ($41.50) but a much better investment than some of the more expensive, chemical-laden cleansers. I apply it after a shower usually, right before bed, or an hour or so before putting on make up for an evening out. This product is also a great makeup remover and contains arnica which is, of course, a fantastic healer. For a more affordable option, there is a travel size option as well."


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Originally published December 07, 2017

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