“Ughh it’s summer”, said no one ever.

Friends, it’s finally here. Summer! *sigh* This season has us feeling like a bunch of happy Olafs.


Bring out the sunscreen and bust out your bike because this all-too-wonderful, all-too-short season is happening now and we want you to get the most of it. One of the reasons we love this season so much is all the nature we get to savour: the warmth on our skin, the freedom to do activities, the deliciousness of seasonal fruits and dinners al fresco.

At Rocky, we truly believe that our best lives are lived outside. It’s why we continue to call the Canadian Rockies our home and pack our products with only natural ingredients. We invite you to join us this summer, immersing yourself in nature as much as possible. Not only does choosing nature boost our health, happiness and immune system, the inverse is also true. Florence Williams explains in The Nature Fix that the lack of nature can exacerbate depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. More on this to come.

For now, let us celebrate the Summer Solstice with a bucket list of sorts, to sneak in as much goodness from nature as possible:

1. Enjoy every meal outside

All you need is a blanket and a patch of grass. Pack your citronella outdoor spray to stave off unwanted guests at your picnic.

2. Read outside

Reading is a favourite summer pastime for many. Take your literary adventures to the next level by relocating to a hammock, bench or meadow. In a book club? Book it on the patio. Don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen before you whisk off to another world.

3. Sleep outside

Speaking of hammocks, there are few things in life better than afternoon naps. Afternoon naps outside?! That should qualify as an extreme sport. Camping is also a wonderful way to fill your lungs with the freshest nature air. If you’re out camping, our shampoo bar is a great ‘toss in the bag’ option. Happy zzz’s to you.

4. Sign up for an outdoor activity

Even though we crave to spend time outside, sometimes we need a swift kick in the butt to turn off the Netflix. Sign up for an outdoor yoga class, join a hiking club, a run club, or sign up for a race to get you motivated to train.

5. Park the car, take the bike

It takes a mindset shift to start seeing your two wheeler as a mode of transportation instead of pure recreation. But as you start doing this more and more, you’ll get used to factoring in more time to get from point A to point B. Also, the price of petrol these days is extra motivation.

6. Workout outside

Free weights are meant to be free! Take them outside with your favourite playlist, water bottle and a towel. Look up other offerings in your area for outdoor bootcamps, tai chi under the tree, etc.

7. Gear up for it all.

Take on the Scouts motto “Be prepared”. If you’ve got it, you’re more likely to use it. Get your gear together so you’re ready to opt for the outdoors at any opportunity. Frisbee, soccer ball, picnic blanket, kite, umbrella, sunscreen, bandaids, bear spray, bug spray, cool off spray, after-sun butter. No excuses. 

Originally published June 21, 2018

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