June 21, 2019 3 min read

Summer is here, and that means we are all trying to stay sun smart, hydrated and healthy so we can have fun in the sun. But, before you go outside with baby, here are some great baby sun safety tips to get you through the summer season.

Keep your baby safe in the sun

The Sun and Sunscreen

Babies have especially sensitive skin, this is especially true when it comes to sun and sunscreens. You want to have fun in the sun, but babies need a little more care when taking them to the park, the beach or the campground.

Though you probably already realized how sensitive babies would be to the sun, you may not realize how sensitive their skin actually is to sunscreen. This is extremely true for babies under 6 months old (who shouldn't use sunscreen). At this age, they are extremely sensitive to anything put on their skin.

Baby outdoor

When it comes to sunscreen for babies under 6 months old, make sure to consult your doctor before use. The actual best practice is to avoid the sun altogether, but if you are venturing outside choose UV blocking clothes including long sleeves and pants in a light cool fabric. You'll also want to opt for a wide brim hat and keep your little one under a sun shade.

For those babies over the age of 6 months, you can use sunscreen liberally, all over (avoiding the eyes). Since they will be moving around a lot more make sure to choose a natural baby safe sunscreen. Natural sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more and that contain Zinc Oxide are the best bets. Our natural sunscreen is great for anyone over the age of 6 months old. Also, if you take them into the pool or water, make sure you apply more sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

Keeping Them Comfortable

Let's talk for a moment about diaper rash. The worst. Keeping your baby's bum dry and keeping their diet regular is essential to minimize the risk of uncomfortable diaper rash.

Baby Comfortable

Diaper rash in the summer is caused by either overheating, sweating or staying in a wet diaper (like after swimming). So, to ensure your baby is super comfortable, keep them nice and dry. If diaper rash does occur, don't use any wipes with alcohol in them, and use a moisturizing layer of diaper rash cream like our Baby Bum Balm.

Letting your baby have times to fully cool down, keeping them dressed in loose, light clothing and keeping them out of the sunlight is best to keep them fully comfortable.

Woah! Climbing Temperatures

You already know that a day at the beach can leave you feeling parched and overheated. This is really true for babies. You can take your little one outside for a couple of hours maximum at a time to keep them from the rising temperatures.

Keep them cool and comfortable - baby on the beachAnother important thing to keep in mind is hydration. Make sure you are giving those babies the right amount of liquids. Whether that means a bottle, breastfeeding or water if they are older. Just remember that babies are good at letting you know what they need, there is a balance and you don't want to overdo it or underdo it on the fluids.

This also means watching the temperature of their car seats and the cars they are in, as they are super susceptible to climbing temperatures.

Pools, Oceans and Water

Water, water, water. This is an important one in the summer. Obviously, we all know to keep babies within arms reach always. This means when there is a kiddie pool, cooler, ocean or pool around. You never know where they could wander off to.

Baby Swimming

When it comes to swim time, make sure if they are over 6 months old you are reapplying sunscreen. For all those little ones, don't keep them outside too long and make sure that everyone is staying hydrated and sun safe. After playing in the water, bathing and rinsing off, when you are out of the sun, keep their little skin moisturized with Baby Body Butter.

Nice and Clean

Speaking of being moisturized after cleaning… in the summer because you might be using sunscreen, your baby might be sweating and generally more active you'll want to keep baby nice and clean. We always recommend a natural, non-irritating soap to keep them nice and clean. Our Hand and Body Wash is truly an everything wash, made from natural essential oils to get nice and sudsy. These washes are made to be good for you and your baby and get them nice and clean.

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