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Cities can seem like concrete jungles. Skyscrapers, sidewalks and honking cars galore, right? Or maybe you picture amazing flower displays, the energy of the people, festivals, gardens and parks? Either way, cities are thriving, and it seems like there are more and more amazing places in which you can get outside and explore nature.

With the world around us being so busy, sometimes you just need to get outside and explore the city around you. That doesn't mean you need to leave the city, you don't even need to get out of the downtown core sometimes. You might just need a few beats of sun, fresh air and blue sky. But, don't forget your summer essentials (yes, we're talking Sunscreen).

Getting Outside in the City

So, on our hunt for the best ways to get outside in the city. We figured we'd ask our store managers what they do to get outside and explore nature in their city. Cities are beautiful places and have so many ways to enjoy being outside, without going far.

Outside in Edmonton with Stephanie


Starting in the capital of Alberta, Edmonton is a thriving city with a large festival and outdoor scene. There are so many ways to get outside from walks in the River Valley to adventures in the parks. It is a great city with a ton of green space, especially with the revamp of the downtown core.

Our assistant manager at the Southgate store, Stephanie, was born and raised in Edmonton. She is raising her daughter there too. She loves getting outside and seeing the festivals, no matter what the season.

How do you get outside in Edmonton?

When asked how she gets outside in Edmonton, this is what she had to say:

"Edmonton has some fantastic walking/hiking/biking trails, so I enjoy either walking or biking to take in the city from a much more tranquil perspective."

"Year-round, be it for music, food, or just general enjoyment, there is never not an activity going on to enjoy with friends and family. My favourite in the summer is Heritage Days, which hosts a wide variety of cultural foods and shows. In the winter, I love going to see the Ice Castles. "

Breathing Fresh Air in Calgary with Nicole


On to our second major city in Alberta: Calgary. There is never a shortage of ways to experience being outside in the Calgary area. From the rolling hills, river banks and wide-open spaces, there are so many ways to enjoy living in Calgary and being outside in this city.

We heard from the assistant manager at our Core Calgary Store, Nicole about how she loves to get outside in Calgary. She has lived in cities such as Calgary and Toronto in our great country of Canada.

How do you get outside in Calgary?

When asked how she gets outside in Calgary, this is what she had to say:

"I love going out to the mountains for hikes and fresh air. When I'm on more of a time crunch, exploring neighbourhoods in Calgary on foot or walking through city parks like Prince's Island Park and Weaselhead."

"I'd say my favourite part is having access to all the great things about a big city lifestyle, but only living 2 hours away from the beautiful Rocky Mountains. "

Outside in Lethbridge with Anita


To our latest home in Lethbridge we go. Lethbridge is a bit of a smaller city, but either way, it is teeming with ways to get outside. All year long you'll find parks and paths to enjoy. Lethbridge is built to spend time in the park, enjoying the green and even hiking.

We chatted with our Store Manager is Lethbridge, Anita, about how she gets outside in Lethbridge.

How do you get outside in Lethbridge?

When asked how she gets outside in Lethbridge, this is what she had to say:

"I love walking. Lethbridge has a lot of beautiful walking paths."

Enjoying Winnipeg with Taryn


Across the prairies in Winnipeg, you find a thriving city that is a complete cultural hub. It is filled with shops, cafes, green spaces and parks to take advantage of. No matter what type of day there is something going on and a reason to get outside in Winnipeg.

Our Winnipeg Polo Park store manager, Taryn, told us what she loves about Winnipeg and how she explores. She was born and raised there so she definitely knows.

How do you get outside in Winnipeg?

When asked about her favourite things in Winnipeg, she included some amazing ways to enjoy Winnipeg. This is what she had to say:

"There is always so much to do here in terms of festivals, live music, galleries, theatre, markets etc. The Forks Market is one of my favourite places to visit, and both the village and west Broadway have some cool shops and restaurants worth checking out."

Always Exploring in Toronto with Carina


Toronto is a thriving metropolis but has so many areas to explore. It is close to lakes, filled with parks and has so many places to get outside and enjoy nature. As one of the biggest cities in Canada, it might seem hard to really enjoy nature, but Toronto has all the options.

Our store manager at our Toronto store, Carina, told us the ways she likes to explore Toronto and get outside in her city.

How do you get outside in Toronto?

When asked about what she likes to do in Toronto, she included some amazing ways to enjoy the city. This is what she had to say:

"I love going for brunch, hanging out on a patio and me and my partner love exploring Toronto! Whether it’s going to the aquarium, lounging at Trinity Bellwoods or seeing a comedy show."

Ways to get outside in a city

From our managers we found some amazing ways that anyone can use to get outside in their city:

  • Go for a walk
  • Enjoy a festival
  • Walk shops in downtown
  • Find a market
  • Explore the neighbourhoods
  • See what activities are happening
  • Have a picnic lunch during work
  • Throw a frisbee
  • Find a new spot to explore
How do you get outside in your city?

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