August 24, 2021 2 min read

Rocky’s new natural Cream Deodorant has arrived. This is an innovative new way to care for your underarms. We want to share the secrets behind why Karina, our CEO, wanted to create this creamy, nourishing deodorant.

Why use a Cream Deodorant?
So, using a cream deodorant is a new experience. It is as if you're applying skincare to your underarm. It's luxurious. It's the smooth, creamy texture. Dry Finish. And, you know, touching your armpit is a good idea. It's an intimate area, it allows us to sweat when we're active, but it also contains a network of our lymph nodes. And so thinking about what you put on in that area is important. When you're choosing 100% natural cream deodorant with simple natural ingredients, it makes sense for that area. So at Rocky, we only do 100% natural simple ingredients, and you can trust that everything that you put on is healthy for you.

Why did you want to make the Cream Deodorant?
I wanted to make the cream deodorant because we had so many customers asking for it and I was hesitant at first because it was a new format I had never tried before. And when I did eventually try it, I immediately fell in love.

Cream Deodorant

How long did it take to create this recipe?
So formulating this particular product was actually very challenging. It took us about two and a half years and the interesting thing about it was that when we were mixing clays and oils together and wanted this creamy smooth luxurious texture. We also wanted to end with a dry finish and to perfect those attributes took us a very long time, many many many prototypes, until we finally got there.

What are some of the hero ingredients in this formula?
Some of the important hero ingredients in the cream deodorant are the Kaolin clay, the arrowroot powder and the magnesium hydroxide, those are all of the ingredients that are going to give us that dry finish and give us the 24 hour protection. And then in addition to that, we have coconut oil and Abyssinian oil which is just extremely nourishing for that skin.

Tell us about the scents.
There are some really exciting scents for you to try. Some of them are new additions to the Rocky family. We have Spruce Palo, Lemongrass, Neroli Jasmine, Tea Tree Mint and Vanilla Sage. And my personal favourite is the Vanilla Sage.

Cream Deodorant

How has using a cream deodorant changed your routine?
When you use a cream, deodorant, you feel like you're taking care, right, that you're using a product that's specifically for that area and it's intimate and it's beautiful, and it feels elevated. I was hesitant at first to use a cream deodorant, it felt different to, you know, dip your fingers into a jar and apply it to your underarm. The moment you do it, you're transformed. It is a beautiful experience. It feels like we're meant to be caring for that part of the body in that way. We should be touching our underarm, it's natural, it's beautiful, it's a part of loving your body.

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