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We think our Hand Cream is flax-tastic!

Jokes aside we’re so excited to have flax oil join the Rocky team.

It’s a simple pleasure for our biggest organ, our skin! Not only is it anti-inflammatory, high in omega-3’s, and a defender of moisturized skin, but it’s also locally grown.

We source our flax oil from Highwood Crossing, a farm in the Western Canadian prairies - south of High River, Alberta to be exact. Flax thrives in our cool Alberta climate, and in the height of the growing season, its violet-blue hues creates the illusion of a lake or ocean amidst the prairie fields.

Choosing to include flax oil as a key ingredient in our hand cream was an easy decision guided by our dedication to simple, fresh and local ingredients. 

“It’s kind of a mystical plant”
– Tony Marshall, Owner of Highwood Crossing.

We are so honoured to have the opportunity to work closely with Tony and his wife Penny. The two are the embodiment of artisans, dedicated to creating a quality product.

Tony and Penny Marshall

The Marshalls’ started using organic practices to farm Highwood Crossing in 1989, choosing to follow in Tony’s great-grandfather's footsteps. The fields at Highwood Crossing Farm still look very much like they did 100 years ago, but a lot has changed.

Flax became part of Highwood Crossing in 1996, and after many successful farmers market appearances, flax quickly became the foundation of their company.

“We were very much on the bleeding edge of the whole organic and flax oil pressing movement.” -Tony Marshall

Highwood Crossing Farm grew to include Highwood Crossing Foods, located a short distance away in High River when production of their foods began to expand beyond their farms capacity. Even with their growth and success, to this day the couple, with the help of only a handful of employees, hand press their flax oil each week for local companies. Made to order, with love, simply.

Flax feild

It goes from seed to oil with minimal human interference in between – just cleaning and pressing. Keeping the process cold helps to maintain the integrity of the oil, and protects its beneficial properties.

The two also take additional steps to press in low light and exclude as much oxygen as they can throughout the process.

The two first came across the mindset of oil as an artisanal product when they went to Germany to buy their first expeller press. The Marshall's have succeeded in bringing the craft of oil pressing back to home to Canada, and we're so glad they did.

Flax hand cream

Throughout the years of growing and processing flax, the two learned how to shelter themselves from the whims of Mother Nature by creating relationships and alliances with other local organic farmers. This affords Highwood Crossing the ability to ensure a consistent supply of raw materials that Mother Nature sometimes does not. While they have expanded beyond the boundaries of their own farm, they source all their flax from within Alberta.

“A big part of our philosophy is being as close to home as we can.” Tony Marshall

The Marshall’s share our dedication to creating a toxic-free world through organic farming methods which include no pesticides, reducing their carbon footprint, crop rotating to help control weeds and pests, and growing their own “green-manure’ to improve soil health and fertility.

As Highwood Crossing continues to move forward, the Marshall’s feel grateful that there are able to follow a simply philosophy...

“Go where you’re loved” – Tony Marshall.

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Marilyn Bundschuh
Marilyn Bundschuh

April 10, 2023

I am thrilled to hear all about Highwood Crossing flax and their quality hand pressed oil. Thank you for answering my question about whether or not your flax oil was organic by sending me this great article about this Alberta farm.

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