November 07, 2023 2 min read

“I have experience and trust in nature's ability to provide everything we need for beautiful, healthy-looking skin.”

Karina Birch, CEO



At Rocky, we believe in the power of the natural world. Our commitment to natural means using the wisdom and intelligence that nature has to offer — it’s about honouring our deep connection with the Earth and sharing this connection with others. For us, it’s about creating natural everyday essentials that connect anyone, anywhere to nature. 

100% natural means intentionally selecting and crafting nature’s raw ingredients into simple yet powerful formulas that deliver results. 

This is the Rocky Natural Standard — a commitment to transparency throughout our entire product cycle, from the ingredients we use to formulation and production. 




When we discover an exceptional ingredient, before being introduced into our formulations, it must meet specific criteria: 

  • Be 100% natural.
  • Provide tangible benefits (backed by science).
  • Choose organic and locally sourced when possible.
  • Avoid environmentally harmful production or extraction processes.
  • Be safe for both humans and the environment.
  • Must not be genetically modified.
  • Must not be on our Red List.


We study the scientific composition and chemical properties of each natural ingredient we use. Our in-house science and product development team conducts testing to ensure each ingredient is safe for use and effective at producing the skin benefit we want to achieve. 

When the ingredient has met our rigorous standards, we begin the formulation phase. This process often requires up to 50 prototypes to perfect each formula and can sometimes take several years.


Our products are made by hand in-house at our workshop in Canmore, Alberta where we maintain close oversight of every step of the manufacturing process. We prioritize small batches for freshness to ensure the highest product quality and integrity. 

Rocky Natural Values



Over the years, we’ve become experts in formulating natural. This knowledge empowers us to explore the infinite potential of natural ingredients, continuously creating new and innovative products the way nature intended. 

With two decades of experience behind us, we strive to stay naturally humble and curious. We see ourselves as both students and stewards of the Earth, actively making choices that benefit our customers and the planet. Our commitment to natural is unwavering, driving us to learn, discover, and improve, always. 

At Rocky formulating natural isn’t a trend for us; it’s a way of life.

Keep learning about our initiatives and environmental efforts below:

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