January 13, 2020 2 min read

Recipes aren’t just for the kitchen. Working at Rocky means stumbling upon so many fun bath combinations. And since we’re all about having fun in the bath we wanted to share some of our faves!

First, you have to start with a clean bath. Our photographer, Camille, shared her recipe for a naturally sparkling tub:

  • Equal parts vinegar and water
  • A dash of baking soda
  • Plus a splash of Everything Wash castile soap

Mix in a spray bottle and use as an all-natural, multipurpose cleaning solution.

Woman in the bath drinking a root beer float holding a bath bomb with a bottle of all natural sls-free root beer scented bubble bath and rubber ducky in the background.

Make math fun!

These simple formulas from our bathing collection will up your bath game:

Root Beer Bubble Bath + Vanilla Coconut Bath Bomb = Root Beer Float

Lemongrass Bath Bomb and Raspberry Rooibos Bath Bomb = Raspberry Lemonade

Juicy Orange Bath Bomb + Vanilla Coconut Bubble Bath = Orange Creamsicle

Vanilla Coconut Bubble Bath + Lemongrass Bath Bomb = Lemon Meringue Pie

Vanilla Coconut Bubble Bath + Raspberry Rooibos Bath Bomb = Raspberry Scone

Breathe Easy Bath Salts + Minty Eucalyptus Bath Bomb = Sinus Soother

Sports Bath Salts + Seaweed & Spirulina Bath Bomb = Sports Detox

Serenity Bubble Bath + Lavender Bath Bomb = Serenity Now

Lavender Bath Bomb + Vanilla Coconut Bubble Bath = Cream Soda

Oatmeal Honey Bath Bomb + Vanilla Coconut Bubble Bath = Bubblegum

Hand dropping an all natural Rocky Mountain Soap Company bath bomb into a bath.


You don’t need to get to the store to enjoy a luxurious bath. Your own kitchen is likely filled with good-for-you ingredients that will do in a pinch.


For this one, you want to put a scoop of oatmeal (about a half to one cup) in a coffee filter (sealed with an elastic), muslin bag or even nylons could work. This is to make sure the oatmeal doesn’t clog your drain and makes for easy clean up. Drop the little oatmeal bag in the bath and let the soothing and moisturizing properties do their thing.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil not only smells delicious, it’s wonderfully moisturizing. Toss a spoonful in your bath and watch it melt away. Then let this multitasking oil nourish your skin.

Olive Oil

This common household oil is not only healthy for your insides, it’s great for your skin. That’s why it’s been used as a bathing ingredient for centuries. Make like an ancient Greek and mix a spoonful into your bath.

Essential Oils

If you have any on hand, an essential oil is a wonderful addition to the bath, especially mixed with an oil that will act as a carrier for the scent.

  • Lavender is calming
  • Sweet Orange is energizing
  • Lemongrass is uplifting
  • Peppermint eases headaches
  • Or opt for a stress relieving, calming, or sleep inducing blend

Feeling creative? Learn how to make your own DIY scented bath salts.

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