Rocky's Back to School Favourites

August 10, 2016

We checked in with some of our store managers, asking what their all-time favourite back to school products are. This is what Cheries at our Polo Park store in Winnipeg had to say:

"My favourite back to school product is the breakout buster.  I recommend it because it's what I call the "multi-purpose stick".  It's made for breakouts, and as a student, who doesn't want to get rid of unsightly acne?  BUUUTTTTT.... it does so much more! It works for those who suffer from cold sores, or cuts, scrapes, mild dermatitis, and poison ivy.  It even works for those who are looking for an all natural lip butter to replace medicated lip balm. It's like the Windex that the father sprays on everything in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It's magical. According to many of my customers, this is their go to."

Cheries Pagaduan, Rocky Store Manager
 at Polo Park Shopping Centre, Winnipeg