Rosehips are the seed pods of roses. You will find them on rose bushes at the end of the season. They look like small berry sized balls and can be orange or red in colour.

Rosehip grows wild in the Rocky Mountains and is abundant in vitamin C, E and A. It’s great for treating inflammation and nourishing the skin. It’s why we use the oil, produced from rosehip seeds, in our Transformative Cleansing Oil.

Did you know rosehips are nutritious when ingested too? When harvested, the seeds inside should be removed because they are covered in a hairy layer that can cause irritation when ingested. Once the hairs are removed, the berry part of the rosehip can be used to make teas, sauces, pies, jelly or jams.

The berry of the rosehip is considered a fruit and can aid digestion and further promote healthy skin from the inside, out. Sip on the great benefits of rosehip with this refreshing Rosehip Citrus Fizz beverage. With all the garnishes added, it makes for a healthy alternative when you’re hosting parties to impress.

What you will need:
Optional – Garnish:
  • Refreshing mint leaves
  • Fresh rosehip berries
  • Sliced Oranges

  1. Mix the juices and soda water together in a large pitcher or other serving cup. If you are making your own syrup ensure that it has cooled before you add it in.
  2. Stir in mint, rosehip berries and sliced oranges, if you desire.
  3. Let it sit for a few minutes for all the flavours to blend together and then serve.


Originally published September 20, 2018

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