The Best Essential Oils for Energy

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Getting active, in any way, during winter can be a big ask.

It’s more enticing to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket than to tackle that ambitious list of goals you set. So there’s no shame in admitting to needing a little energy boost to get your brain or body into gear!

Did you know that essential oils can actually help boost your energy?
Whether you've hit that notorious 2pm mental slump or you’re trying to get motivated to get sweating, essential oils can help to reduce fatigue and improve your clarity and focus.

Mother Nature’s Top Performers
So which natural remedies are best for this? Here’s a quick list:

The zesty and juicy notes of citrus oils like blood orange, lemon, and lime will give you an instant burst of energy and will help clear the cobwebs from your head. Lemon essential oil is also known as a medicinal powerhouse boosting white blood cells and easing stress.

Rosemary is also known as an excellent tonic for the brain and for nerves. It can be used to increase efficiency and concentration while acting as a remedy for mental fatigue and forgetfulness. This works wonders if you’re trying to conquer a tough work report or if you know a student needing to cram for an exam.

Coriander and basil essential oils have been used to stimulate brain function and boost your mood. Both of them have the ability to ease a sense of nervous tension and anxiety.

Essential oils are a pure and powerful natural remedy to aid any type of motivation needed during the colder months. Stay tuned for more useful tips on how to get the most out of essential oils.

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