Ways to Say “I love You” Without Using Words

February 09, 2017

Ways to say I love you without using wordsLove holds an endless ability in the ways in which it can be expressed through beautiful actions. We wanted to take a moment to recognize the ways people are able to show their love to another person, without using words.

Our workshop team in Canmore were asked if they would like to share any examples of the ways their partners say ‘I love you’ to them, without actually saying those three famous words. There were two wonderfully consistent themes:

  1. The Rocky team was more than happy to share, and while recounting each of their stories, each person would always smile (and often had several examples!)
  2. Each story was full of simple, everyday gestures their partners had made, that meant the world to them.

Ways to say I love you without using words 

Here are a few of the stories the Rocky team shared:


"She’ll leave me surprise notes. One time, while I was at the dentist, she stopped at my car and left me a note under my windshield wiper. She’s pretty great.” – Alex, Design


"During winter, when I come home from being outside, she’ll dust all the snow off my wheelchair and set out another chair on the side I can transfer to while I take my snow gear off. It’s something so simple but makes the biggest difference. She always does it, and it means a lot" - Cat, Gift Set Production


“I come up with some pretty wacky goals and ambitions for myself, but whatever they are, my wife always supports what I dream up. She lets me live my dreams.” – Mike, Web Team


"He gets out of bed on a morning first, when he doesn’t have to, to make me coffee before work. He even uses my almond milk too because he knows I can’t have regular milk. Then he usually goes back to bed!” - Salina, Marketing


“My partner makes so many gestures to make my day nice. Like making me a hot bath or cleaning all the snow off my car on a morning. Oh, and holding hands” - Sam, Design


“He’ll make me a cup of tea every single morning. I can’t leave the house without it, and he always makes one for me. I could actually give a ton of other ways he shows it!”- Lynn, Shipping


Happy Valentine’s Day, from us to you.