Our Natural Standard

At Rocky Mountain Soap Company we are all about natural and that is the basis of our Natural Standard. It is our commitment to quality, transparency and absolutely natural.

Our Natural Standard is at the core of what we do and who we are. Choosing natural isn’t a trend for us; it’s a way of life. Every product we make is from natural ingredients that are good for you and your skin. We aim to create products with a less is more philosophy, meaning we don't use fillers and try to keep the ingredients to 10 or less. We are also committed to transparency and showing you exactly what is in the products.

Nowadays the words "natural", "green" and "healthy" get thrown around a lot. But we're not in the game of saying something, we're into proving it. If you look at the back of any of our products you will see real and natural ingredients. When we say 100% natural we are talking about only using those ingredients that are of "natural origin", meaning that they are from the Earth like fruits, vegetables or seeds. Further from that, these ingredients can be extracted and processed naturally without any environmental impact.

All of our products and ingredients have a long vetting, formulation and creation phase, sometimes to the tune of a few years. What we mean by that is from the moment we discover an amazing ingredient we have to make sure it is natural, naturally processed and provides benefits to you. In addition to that, we look at the scientific composition of it, the chemistry of the product and test everything extensively to make sure it is 100% safe (we never test on animals of course).