Our Natural Standard

Choosing natural isn’t a trend for us; it’s a way of life. Every product we make is toxin-free and 100% natural.

our natural standard

– Karina Birch, Co-owner

Keeping in mind with each product we make that the skin is our largest organ and it needs taking care of. We want to reduce your body burden not increase it. If we don’t know if it’s safe, we don’t use it.

These days the word ‘natural’ gets a lot of use, as more companies realize using “natural” or “green” on labels benefits their bottom line. It’s called greenwashing, and we’re not in that business.

 Here’s what we commit to when we say 100% natural:

  • We only use ingredients that are found in nature and are beneficial for you. By ‘found in nature’ we mean ingredients that have been harvested in their original form, or that can be extracted from plants or minerals.
  • We source local and organic ingredients whenever possible. 
  • We will not use natural ingredients that have a harmful effect on your body or the environment, i.e., mineral oil or talc.
  • We will not use ingredients that haven’t been tested on humans for long-term effects.
  • We will avoid using natural ingredients that are produced or extracted from their source using environmentally harmful processes.
  • We only produce nature-identical ingredients in our lab if it benefits the environment and your skin. 

what you put on your body, goes in your body

If you want to dig deeper into this topic, we’ve created a few resources for you:

  • Our Green List highlights ingredients you can confidently put on your skin
  • Our Red List helps you navigate questionable labels with a savvy eye

We also realize that not everyone speaks Rocky language and so we’ve broken down our labels for you here.