July 11, 2019 3 min read

Our new hair care line is here! We know how long you've been waiting on it and we are so excited to announce that it is finally available. Yes, we know! The new Wild Kindness Hair Care line is everything you want in a natural shampoo.

Wild Kindness Hair Care

Why We Named It Wild Kindness

Many of you are probably wondering, what is with the name? What does Wild Kindness Shampoo and Conditioner even mean?

Wild Kindness was named from a feeling, in the most basic terms. We wanted to create a line of natural shampoos and conditioners that made you feel amazing.

Our new shampoo and conditioner lineup is filled with only natural, good-for-you, kind for your hair ingredients. The recipes are also made with the purpose of being everything you want in natural hair care - think wind through your hair, running down a beach, freshly washed hair. It's your great hair day in a bottle.

Constantly Innovating

We are constantly innovating and creating here at Rocky. We love finding amazing new ingredients, testing out the latest scientific techniques and finding the best way to create a product that is good for you and the environment.

Our hair care line does all of those things and more. We found great natural ingredients, used the latest hair care science and created this hair care line to meet your hair needs. Despite your hair type and concerns, we have created a shampoo and conditioner for you.

Made From Soap Nut and other natural ingredients

Our new shampoos are made from some amazing ingredients such as Soap Nut Extract and Cellulose. We wanted to use new amazing ingredients in our hair care line so you got the best for your hair.

Soap nut extract is actually a natural cleanser made from the shell of the soapberry. Soap nuts contain something called saponin which works as detergent and mild cleanser. That combined with cellulose, which binds to hair to build and condition, and amino acids (proteins), creates a formula of shampoo that is great for your hair.

Healthy for your hair

Hair is actually really complex, and changes in the environment, products and what you do to your hair changes how it will react and act. We knew that our shampoo needed to be a mild cleanser (so you don't get that squeaky clean feeling) while also being nourishing and healthy for your hair. We wanted you to feel great every time you wash your hair. 

Healthy Hair

Now for Your Hair Type

Something else that is really new for our shampoo! Hair types. Now each of our formulas is made for specific hair needs. We want everyone to have clean, manageable and healthy hair - no matter what.

Each of the shampoos was built for specific hair needs and types, whether your hair was dry, limp or generally healthy or something in between. We've used the Wild Kindness hair care line on all types of hair from straight to curly to natural to colour treated, and everything in between.

A Conditioner That Goes With Everything

This is seriously the ultimate conditioner! It is made from brassica oil, coconut oil and abyssinian oil. These all come together to make a conditioner that detangles, hydrates, protects and leaves your hair feeling "just got it done" beautiful.

The conditioner is available in two options, Blood Orange Blossom and Scent Free. Both options were made to pair perfectly with any of the shampoos, no matter which is best for your hair.

Hair Care Line Up

A whole new lineup of Hair Care

What Shampoos are we offering?

What about the Conditioners?

  • Wild Kindness Conditioner - This is our ultimate conditioner. It will hydrate, smooth and moisturize your hair. It is the conditioner you've been craving. This formula is available in Rosemary Mint, Orange Jasmine and Scent Free.

My Favourite Scent is gone: Now What?

This hair care line is based on hair types instead of scents. But, we still wanted to make a plant-based protein party in your shower with amazing new scents. Trust us, they all smell amazing!

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