Beyond Your Body: Uses for Liquid Castile Soap

We are with you, life is busy and you don’t have time for things that don’t work or have too many steps. This is why castile soap is a superstar. It is natural, healthy, good for sensitive skin and works for everything from your shower to your kitchen floor.

Natural, plant based, biodegradable and multi-functional. Castile soaps are a wonder and have so many uses! We’re going to give you our four faves now!

Lemongrass Hand & Body Wash from Rocky Mountain Soap, Castile Style Soap

Our Castile style soaps include our Lemongrass Hand & Body Wash, Lavender Hand & Body Wash and Vanilla Coconut Hand & Body Wash. These are all-natural moisturizing and cleansing gels that you can use for more than just your daily body wash.

What Even is Castile Soap

Let’s go back in time a little, all the way back to the first soap in Europe. Yes, we are going way back! When soap originated in Europe it was made from animal fat; which didn’t work well and smelt terrible, as you can imagine (it was the 11th century). However, in Egypt they were using a beautiful castile style soap made from laurel oil.

Olive Tree, Olive Oil is used in Modern Castile Style Soap

As explorers moved through the world, and across the continents they brought this soap back to Europe. But, laurel oil wasn’t readily accessible in Europe, and so those in the mediteranean started making castile soap with olive oil instead, making a white, healthy, multi-purpose soap. The name even comes from the Castile region in Spain!

Our Castile Style Soap

Traditionally castile soap is made from olive oil but at Rocky we add other natural oils such as coconut oil and jojoba oil too. This soap is made through something called “saponification” which is a natural process that uses a reaction to turn oil into soap. It keeps all the amazing benefits of the oils but allows it to cleanse and produce a foaming action. Cool right? And it’s all natural!

What Else Can Your Castile Soap Do?

Now that you know what amazing benefits it has and what castile soap is; you know that it is great for your body and your skin. It is moisturizing and cleansing, but what else can you do with it?

As An All-Purpose Cleaner

Combining a quarter of a cup of castile soap with one litre of warm water makes a multi-purpose cleaner you can use in your kitchen and bathroom. If you want even more cleaning power then add a couple of drops of essential oils. Just pour it into a bottle and spray away!

To Clean Your Floors

Mopping your floors can seem dangerous when you look at the back of cleaning bottles that read “toxic” and “flush after contact with skin”. With castile soap, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemical residue or odours. This means you can have peace of mind after washing and drying your floors. Just add a few squirts of this natural soap in hot water makes a great floor cleaning blend.

Hand Wash Your Delicates

We have the perfect blend for you! When you use our liquid hand & body wash in combination with our spotless stain remover you can create a perfect in-sink hand washing experience. This is great for those truly delicate “wash by hand” items.

Clean Your Windows and Glass

Add some extra cleaning power to your homemade glass cleaner with castile soap. When you mix a quarter of a cup of castile soap with one litre of half warm water half vinegar, you get a great glass cleaner. This will get all those fingerprints off your glass and make your windows shine for spring.

Originally published April 04, 2019

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