Hair Brush

  • Say bye-bye to flyaways thanks to anti-static wooden pins that detangle hair while stimulating your scalp and distributing your natural oils for naturally gleaming, healthy strands.

    These brushes come in two sizes, large and small, so you can also take static-free hair on the go. Both are completely plastic-free made from naturally sourced rubber (you may notice a small hole, that is to aerate the rubber) and hand made in Germany from FSC-certified Beechwood, so you know they’re made responsibly and sustainably. This certification guarantees sustainable forest management in which the felled forests are subsequently replanted. Brush your hair with care!

    1. Made by hand in Germany from Forest Stewardship Council-certified Beechwood.
  • Run brush through hair from roots to tips. Use to tame static, detangle, or to distribute a nourishing oil.
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