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Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian oil is pressed from the Crambe Abyssinica seeds without chemical solvents. Abyssinian oil is often compared to Jojoba Oil, yet is higher in Erucic Acid, with a strong concentration of intensely nourishing Omega 9. It also has a unique molecular structure not found in any other naturally occurring substance and contains a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids, making it highly resistant to oxidation.

This oil is an excellent moisturizer as it's light and non-greasy, ensuring it works effectively as a sealing oil.

It's also great for hair as the high Omega-9 (Erucic Acid) content helps to add lustre to hair, boost shine and protect the hair from split ends.

You can find this ingredient in our Complete Cream Cleanser and our Serenity Massage Oil.