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Arnica Oil

arnica flower

Arnica is a cheerful yellow flower found high in the mountains. But did you know that it also packs a huge therapeutic punch? It grows a staggering 3000ft. above sea level and the higher the altitude, the stronger the fragrance.

The type of Arnica widely used in cosmetics and medicinal treatments is Arnica Montana. We use the extract in our Transformative Cleansing Oil to help reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin. It helps calm redness and inflammation as well as puffiness around the eyes. Arnica promotes your body’s healing process by regulating circulation in the connective tissue, dispersing trapped fluids. Arnica temporarily relieves pain and swelling associated with bumps, bruises, sprains and general muscular discomfort.

Did You Know:
The first documented use of Arnica as a medicinal plant in Europe dates back to the the 1500’s, as noted on Folklore tells us that humans learned the value of Arnica by observing mountain goats, who would clamber to find the Arnica plant after falling or stumbling. Following the animals’ lead, locals began to apply the herb for bruises, mostly in the form of external salves or steeped in teas. This explains its German name, Fallkraut or “fall herb”.


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