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Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut Shell Powder comes from ground up coconut shells. This seems self-explanatory, but it actually takes a bit of work to turn hard strong coconut shells into a fine-grained coconut shell powder. The coconut shells are first broken into pieces, then they are put through a machine that pulverizes them. The quality of the coconut shells is very important to get a beautifully finished ingredient.

Coconut is becoming one of those super ingredients and every part of the coconut is used for something. From coconut water to coconut oil to the coconut flesh to the shell. Each section of the coconut is used for something which makes coconut a great all natural ingredient.

The coconut palm (the actual palm tree) that the coconut fruit and coconut seeds grow on, is found around the globe in sandy areas with high humidity. Interestingly, the name of the coconut actually comes from the 16th century Portuguese and Spanish word Coco meaning head. Coconuts have been used around the world for hundreds of years, with the first mention historically being before the 1st century BCE. That is a long time for coconut to have been used!

Coconut Shell Powder is an amazing natural exfoliant, but it is used in a variety of other uses as well. As an exfoliant, it absorbs a nice amount of water to work into your skin without dissolving. Coconut shell powder also gives you an exfoliation without creating micro-cuts on your skin, which is what you want in a natural exfoliation product. It is gentle enough to be used on your face.

Fun fact, Coconut Shell Powder is also used widely in the creation of activated charcoal.

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