Woah, exfoliation seems to be everywhere, doesn't it? You see headlines strewn about promising younger, tighter and more radiant skin, and might be skeptical right? There are so many options out there for exfoliation, it might seem overwhelming to find the best one for you that is going to work. But, we know one thing is for sure, natural exfoliation lets your skin breathe and feel renewed.

What is Exfoliation

Natural Exfoliation is great for your skin

Exfoliation allows you to remove any of those dead skin cells that haven't been shed and buff them away. Exfoliation with a sugar scrub or a face polish gives you the ability to show off some glowing skin. You just need to work your natural exfoliator in circular motions on your body and rinse. 

Exfoliation is actually an important part of your skin care routine and is surprisingly good for most skin types from dry to oily and everything in between. Choosing a natural exfoliant sometimes might require a little more elbow grease than a chemical exfoliant, but they are natural, and good for you, the environment and your skin. Just have to work them onto your skin to see the results for yourself.

Why You Should Exfoliate

Natural Exfoliators are a natural way to exfoliate

Your skin is constantly replenishing itself, to the tune of 30 000 skin cells a day. Each of these dead skin cells gets shed by your body every 30 days or so. Your skin is your body's largest organ and as such, it is a large working part of your body. As you get older, beginning in your 30s, those dead skin cells may not actually shed completely. This can result in your skin becoming dry, dull and clogged.

Environmental factors, hormonal changes and ageing are all factors that may slow down your ability to shed dead cells. Exfoliation gives you the ability to remove the layer of dead cells, giving your skin a radiant, beautiful and healthy glow. Now that it is spring, that means it is time to be out with the old and in with the new; even your skin.

Some Absolutely Amazing Natural Exfoliants

There are lists and lists of natural exfoliants, and you can use a lot of things that are completely natural on your skin. We always think that natural good-for-you products are best and that's why we wanted to tell you some of our favourite natural exfoliants. From sugar to salt to coffee to citrus to sand, there are so many natural exfoliants out there that leave your skin refreshed and alive.

1. Sugar

 Sugar is a great natural exfoliant

Sugar has become one of the most popular natural exfoliants out there. It is the gentler and finer version to the amazing original natural exfoliant - salt. Sugar is great even on smoother or more sensitive skin which makes it great as an exfoliant on your entire body from your toes to your neck. It will leave you feeling glowing, fresh and exfoliated.

2. Pumice Stones and Volcanic Sand

Serious Scrub

Pumice stones have long been the go-to for exfoliation. Take one to those dry feet or buff up your elbows. These stones come from natural volcanic rock, are light and good for exfoliating. Natural volcanic sand is actually a type of ground up pumice stone. Since pumice is actually a type of volcanic glass, the sand version works on the top layer of your skin gently and smooths those skin cells.

3. Citrus

Blood Orange Body Scrub

From lemons to oranges, citrus is great for exfoliating. The natural AHA is these fruits works as a great natural exfoliant that smells amazing too. On its own you can use citrus as a non-scrubbing exfoliant, but we love combining it with sugar to make a perfect pairing in our Blood Orange Body Scrub.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo is a great natural exfoliant

You might not think of Bamboo all ground up, but it is great in a powder form and becoming a go-to exfoliant. Bamboo is actually a natural cleanser and moderate exfoliator. It is something a little different when it comes to an exfoliator and it's just another great use for bamboo stocks. Bamboo is gentle on your skin but works hard to be effective. Bamboo powder is one of our favourites for oily to normal skin tones.

5. Coconut Shell

Coconut shell as a natural exfoliant

Another different one hey! Coconuts seem to be a magical ingredient lately, and what better way to use every part of the coconut than to use a coconut shell exfoliant. It is an intense exfoliator that is great for combating dry, flaky skin, especially when combined with a great moisturizer.

Why Natural Exfoliants

Natural Face Polish

There are hundreds, if not thousands of exfoliation products out there. So why choose a natural exfoliant? Well, first of all, a natural exfoliant means that you can feel good knowing what it on your skin. Scrubbing on sugar, pumice or bamboo, for instance, feels great and makes your skin glow. It also is environmentally friendly to use a natural exfoliant, since using natural products mean there is no harsh environmental processes or pollutants. Natural exfoliants are also fun to play around with, how cool is it to smother your body with sugar, salt, bamboo or coconut! Right?

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Originally published April 25, 2019

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