Core Values


The qualities we look for in Rocky Staff Members:



A positive attitude is contagious. So is a negative one. The more positive energy we experience, the healthier and happier we feel. We are a culture of people willing to challenge ideas. Ask questions. Just do it with positivitude and the intention of making things better. Think of obstacles as opportunities.


Be Kind

In the words of a wise friend, “Be kind whenever possible, and it’s always possible.” Be kind to our co-workers, our customers, our suppliers, our community, and everyone else we interact with. Consider your actions upon those around you. In the hardest of moments it’s not what you do, but how you do it.


Customer Service is an Extreme Sport

To us, Customer Service is an extreme sport that requires creativity, focus and a solid game plan. Our rally cry is “exceed expectations”. This requires sharpening our skills, and developing genuine relationships, to understand what each customer needs and how we can help. Go above and beyond and never ever let a customer go away unhappy.


Cultivate Team Spirit

Team spirit is about going on the best road trip ever. It starts with us being on the same bus, going to the same exhilarating destination. It means reading from the same map and taking time for pee breaks and skinny dips. It means if we get lost, we come together to find our north star. It means open and honest communication is vital. It creates trust. We treat each other with respect and bring positivity and enthusiasm to the table every chance we get. It means never leaving anyone behind.


Give It a Go 

If we’re not moving forward, we’re moving backward. Giving it a go means we never accept the norm, just because it’s easy. It means we are inventive and have an adventurous spirit. Be courageous, “Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.” We encourage qualities like open-mindedness and flexibility. We are curious and ask questions, not being afraid to step out of our comfort zone. Imagine what you could achieve if you knew you’d never fail.