Your New Natural Hair Care Updates

hair care update

Let us introduce you to Wild Kindness Shampoo and Conditioner.

Why did we name it that? Well, our new shampoo and conditioner will be filled with only natural, good-for-you, kind for your hair ingredients. The recipes are also made with the purpose of being everything you want in natural hair care - think wind through your hair, running down a beach, freshly washed hair. It's your great hair day in a bottle.

Our Innovative Hair Care

At Rocky, we are always creating and have been working on the latest innovation in hair care for some time. Over the last few months our team has been working day and night to finalize an amazing new formula, using the latest natural plant-based hair care science so it is healthy and kind to your hair.

Shampoo Based on Hair Type

Did we mention that the new recipe will be based on hair type? We are giving you everything you crave with shampoo that is great for your hair whether you need some moisture, just want a natural cleanse or are craving a volume boost, not to mention there is something coming to keep the kids happy too!

What Is So Exciting About Our New Hair Care?

Our new hair care line uses only simple natural ingredients. It also features mostly products that are ten ingredients or less. We haven't been able to find another hair care line that has this few ingredients on the market.

By choosing to use a less is more philosophy we can guarantee that every single ingredient serves a purpose and there are absolutely no fillers. Choosing ingredients that are natural and good for you is at the core of what we do. We are excited for you to experience this one of a kind natural hair care.

We will continue to produce & sell the popular Natural Shampoo Bar.

Everything We Believe In

We use natural, good for you and good for the environment ingredients. This hair care line will make your hair happy and healthy, but we also know that you wash it out of your hair after. We believe that all the ingredients should be safe to go back into the environment and that is what we have created - a simple natural product that doesn't put anything harmful back into the world.

When Can We Expect It?

Currently, we anticipate that Wild Kindness Shampoo and Conditioner line will be available at the end of June 2019.

From Our CEO

Hi Everyone,

We are so close! Over the last few months, our product development team has been working day and night to finalize an amazing new formula, using the latest natural plant-based hair care science and technology that will make your hair happy and healthy.

Everyone at Rocky has been washing their hair a lot to make sure our new hair care line is perfect for different hair types. It has been a whole team effort to test different natural ingredients to get it right (and that means some good and some bad hair days).

I can't wait for you to try this new line (and love it). Our anticipated launch date is at the end of June.

We are unwavering in our commitment to use only simple natural ingredients and this formula is everything we believe in. To find out all the details from the name of the new line to what makes it one of a kind, click here.

With love and kindness,

-Karina Birch