Our Wild Kindness Natural Hair Care Line uses the latest in plant-based hair care science to care for your hair, completely naturally. It is the natural shampoo you've been craving.

Now, if you’re thinking about switching to using natural hair care product, you likely have a variety of questions ranging from ‘What’s in it?” to ‘Does it actually clean my hair?’

We’ve put together a simple list of your natural hair care FAQs for you to delve into to better understand why switching to natural is both safe and effective.

What do you offer for Hair Care?

We offer 3 Shampoos, 1 Conditioner and Scent Free Hair Care versions.

How Do I Choose My Hair Care?

Choose the best fit for your hair type, and pair it with our ultimate natural conditioner. That's it, your hair care routine is complete. The latest hair care technology respects your hair, and the result is healthy, balanced, beautiful hair.

What are the differences between the shampoos?

Are your shampoos and conditioners really sulfate-free?

Yes. We’ve never used sulfates and we never will.

What’s so bad about sulfates anyway?

Sulfates are used in non-natural hair care as they lather well, which loosens up the grease on your hair to ultimately wash it away and clean it. The problem? Well, sulfates (or SLS)are a known irritant, causing a host of skin problems, including drying. The chemical is also bad for the environment once washed down the drain. We’ve never used sulfates in any of our products, and we never will.

So if there are no sulfates, what makes your shampoo lather?

The saponins in the soap nut extract do foam, with additional foaming coming from the coco betaine, which is made from coconut oil and beetroot extract.

Does natural shampoo really clean my hair?

Yes, it really does! Our Wild Kindness Shampoo uses some amazing ingredients to keep your hair clean and healthy:

Soap Nut Aqueous Extract & Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate

These plant-based cleansers gently remove dirt and unwanted build-up. Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate is an amino acid (the building blocks of protein) & Soap Nut extract is the cleanser from the shell of the soapberry.


Cellulose is the fibre component of a plant’s structure. This agent binds to the clean hair to help rebuild and condition, improving shine, smoothness, moisture-retention and combing.

How long should I use natural hair care for before I see results?

We always recommend using it for a month. If you are switching from regular product to ours, your scalp (like your armpits when switching to a natural deodorant) will go through a purge. Your scalp will get rid of the build-up of "stuff" from the other product. Be patient, and see it through. It's worth it!

What is the pH of your shampoo and conditioner?

Our Wild Kindness Hair Care line all have biological pH, however, the Wild Kindness - Volume & Clarifying have a slightly higher pH to give thinner hair volume without weighing it down. All the pHs are between 5-7.

    Are your shampoos and conditioners safe for coloured treated hair?

    Yes! The colour on your hair is usually deposited on the hair shaft through a chemical process. These hair care products will not negatively interact with this process or its effects.

    natural hair care

    What is the best shampoo for curly hair?

    All of the shampoo formulas are formulated for healthy, balanced hair and scalp, whether wavy, curly or straight. If there are other outcomes desired, like volume or moisture, the customer can choose a different shampoo blend to meet their exact needs, that will also meet the needs of their curls.

    What’s the best shampoo to hydrate my hair?

    All of our shampoos have some amount of hydration and nourishment. However, if you have dry or damaged hair, the Wild Kindness Shampoo- Repair & Replenish is your go-to.

    Are any of your shampoos or conditioners good for dandruff?

    Again, the products are formulated for healthy, balanced hair and scalp. Some customers may find the Nourish & Protect blend with Rosemary and Mint to offer them a tingling and refreshing experience.

    Are any of your shampoos or conditioners good for psoriasis?

    Unfortunately, none of the Wild Kindness Shampoos and Conditioners are considered an effective treatment for psoriasis. 

    natural hair care for kids.

    Can small children use Wild Kindness?

    For children under 2, we would advise only using our unscented and even diluting it with a bit of water. For older children, any scent can be used, however, we have a kid-friendly root beer scent.

    Why does the shampoo have different results on me compared to my friend?

    This can be simply due to different hair types and finding which works best for you! We offer three different formulas so you can match it to your specific hair needs.

    Will there be more options available?

    Right now, we have formulated our hair care to work well on most hair types. Stay tuned as we are always creating though!

    Which products are gluten-free? Vegan?

    The recipes are not formulated with gluten-containing ingredients, however, our facility is not considered gluten-free, and so we cannot guarantee that there has not been cross-contamination. If someone has a gluten contact skin allergy, we would not recommend use.

    These products have not been formulated with any animal products.

    There is a slight smell to the Scent Free products, what is it?

    The slight smell comes from the natural scent of the soap nut extract and smells similar to tamarind. There are no essentials oils added to these products, and never anything synthetic.

    Why are some of the shampoos brownish in colour?

    The light colour of these products comes from either humic acid and/or soap nut extract and will disappear as soon as you lather up. No colour will deposit on to your hair, tub or shower.

    Why is the Hydrate & Smooth conditioner yellow in colour?

    The light yellow comes from the Blood Orange essential oil.

    Why is there no matching scent for conditioner, to each of the shampoos?

    While testing our conditioner with consumers, we found that overcomplicating the offering was unnecessary. Everyone wanted a conditioner that served the key traits of detangling, smoothing, softening, and hydrating. So, we created the ultimate conditioner. We ensured that the blend worked beautifully with all of the shampoo scents!

    Last Updated on July 10, 2019

    Wild Kindness Shampoo - Nourish & Protect from $15.50 CAD
    Wild Kindness Shampoo - Scent Free from $15.50 CAD
    Wild Kindness Shampoo - Volumize & Clarify from $15.50 CAD
    Wild Kindness Shampoo - Repair & Replenish from $15.50 CAD

    Originally published July 10, 2019

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