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Bees are essential to honey production. Nectar from flowers is collected by bees and brought back to the hive where other bees breakdown the nectar into simple sugars. The honey is very runny at this stage but is spread throughout the honeycomb for water to evaporate. This process is sped up by the bees flapping their wings, producing the thick, sweet honey we love on our toast. The colour and taste of the honey is dependent on the type of flower the nectar was taken from. Honey is also one of the only foods that never spoil.

Not just great slathered on your toast, honey has multiple benefits for your skin. It makes an amazing moisturiser because it is a natural humectant; drawing moisture into the skin and retaining it. Honey is also antibacterial, making it good for acne prone skin and has been used to help heal wounds for hundreds of years. If you’re suffering with a sore throat, adding some honey to warm lemon water works wonders too.


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