How We Make Our Natural Soap Bars

natural soapBar soap is kind of our thing. Our craft, forteour superpower if you will. We think we make some of the best natural soap in the world, free of toxins, SLS, synthetic fragrances and other yucky ingredients.

Our natural soap bars are packed with nourishing ingredients that are good for your skin, like fair trade and organic Shea Butter, mashed fruits and vegetables, dried botanicals and essential oils. Because we know what goes on, goes in.

We only use simple and natural ingredients, sourcing local whenever possible. In this video, you'll see us use Canadian Oats and local Honey from Alberta.

Quality takes time. We use a traditional cold-press method that takes a whole day to make. After two days of setting, we cut them into slabs or bars then cure them in our soap room for four to six weeks, kind of like a fine cheese. Our bars are made by hand in small batches by our small but mighty team at our eco-friendly workshop in Canmore, Alberta.

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