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Sodium Chloride (Salt)

Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride is salt. It is a naturally occurring compound with the formula NaCl which means it is half sodium and half chloride. Salt is created in a handful of different ways from the evaporation of seawater, to salt mining to brine. Canada is actually one of the top five producers of salt in the world (creating 13.0%). Salt is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet.

Salt is used in everything from household cooking to medicine to preservation to beauty. It is one of those things that is on your table at a restaurant and in your cabinet at home. We don't even realize how abundant salt actually is in your life until you start thinking about it. Salt has been used in households for thousands of years. Salt is actually an essential nutrient for many plants and animals on the planet. Which is probably a reason why it is so abundant.

In the beauty industry, sodium chloride is most commonly used as a salt scrub or as a bath salt. Both of which we at Rocky Mountain Soap company use it for. A lot of the sodium chloride used in the beauty industry is actually a sea salt which is great for its minerality.

Sea salt is most commonly Himalayan, Mediterranean, Hawaiian or from the Dead Sea. Which area of the world they come from determines the additional trace minerals that may be present. Most commonly these sea salts contain magnesium, potassium and iron. These things can have amazing healing properties, especially when dissolved in a bath salt. Sea salt, sodium chloride, is detoxifying and increases circulation.

As a scrub, sodium chloride is a little more harsh than its counterpart sugar, because its crystalline structure has harder edges. This means it removes dead skin well and is great for exfoliation. However, because it is salt, it does not work well on cut or irritated skin. Obviously, you don't want to put salt on the wound.

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