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Tea Tree Oil

oil dropped into palm of hand

Bacteria, fungus, inflammation, Tea Tree oil can fight them all! This oil has you covered from head to toe.

Extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, native to Australia, Mother Nature has blessed us with an incredible, all natural skin care ingredient.

Scientifically proven to be an effective acne treatment, Tea Tree can help manage pesky breakouts. It’s antibacterial properties kick Propionibacterium acne's butt.  Oh, Propionibacterium is a tiny little microbe that lives in the oils of your skin. This pesky little guy causes your immune system to freak out, which in turn causes an inflammatory reaction, aka, zits. Regular application of Tea Tree to your problem areas can help keep acne in check- keeping your skin clear and your smile wide.

Tea Tree is not just for acne. Fungal skin infections cower at the sight of this versatile oil. Tinea, the fungus that causes athlete's foot, thrives in warm, dark, damp and sometimes smelly places- like your feet! For treatment or preventative measures against this itchy and painful fungus, add a touch of tea tree to your tippy toes.

Cold sores should be scared as well. Some studies suggest Tea Tree has antiviral properties and can help speed the healing of this viral outbreak, however, more research is required in this area. Still, many individuals report the moisturizing properties of this oil help to soothe the pain caused by cold sores, while the antibacterial agents protect the sore from further infection. Sweet! That would contribute to quicker healing time! When combined with a carrier oil, Tea Tree is safe to apply to an open sore.

Tea Tree oil proves that beautiful Mother Nature provides us with what we need to feel and look our best.