Bundle Up with Winter Layers For Your Skin

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Layering your clothing is a tried-and-true way to ensure that you're cozy as a hibernating bear while embracing the snowy playground. The same is true for your skin! Each layer you put on your skin has an important function.

Our homebase is in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta - where the cold and wind rule with tyranny during the winter months, and our skin suffers the brunt of their wrath. So we've had to learn a thing or two about how to survive when winter rears its frigid head. Here are our tips for protecting your skin, even if you live where the cold wreaks havoc on you from head to toe.

1. Following a good exfoliation (best to start with a clean slate!), begin with body oil as a base layer to coat your damp skin and seal in moisture.

2. Next, add a layer of body lotion to gently moisturize your skin, keeping it soft and supple in the brisk air. This step will also help lock in the oil!

3. Finish off with an outer shield of body butter to act as a shield and offer your skin maximum protection against the wind, rain, and snow.

You simply add or subtract layers as needed, based on your skin type and what it happens to need on any particular day! Winter rules no more.

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