How we're reducing waste at Rocky

March 29, 2016

Yep, we take waste seriously. That's why our tagline is "Cleaner Bodies, Cleaner World."  From choosing ingredients that protect the health of our families and our ecosystems, to creating beautiful spaces with reused and reclaimed materials, we take it on!

Our Retail Stores

  • Salvaged wood and reclaimed barn wood used to make store signage and log stools.
  • American Clay wall surfaces help clean the air.  This “natural earth plaster product” is a non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to painted walls.  
  • Wallpaper is made of recycled paper with toxin-free dye.
  • Lighting is LED.
  • Plants and trees bring the beautiful outdoors in & clean the air naturally.
  • Concrete floors were simply refinished with environmentally friendly products.
  • Gorgeous counters made of reclaimed marble rescued from a Toronto bank.
  • Fireclay recycled tiles were also used, which is 70% recycled and hand glazed.  

In our Workshop

  • Repurposed reclaimed marble from an office tower in Toronto to create beautiful countertops and tables for our boardroom and kitchen.
  • Reused old appliances (fridge and stove) and office chairs, rather than purchasing new.
  • Built other office furniture and walls from local reclaimed wood.
  • Reuse boxes and packing materials from shipments from our suppliers.
  • Pack your favourite Rocky products in biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts to ensure they arrive safely at your home.
  • Powered by solar panels and Bullfrog Power saving more than 69,850kg in CO2 emissions.

We get excited about finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and reuse, reclaim and recycle materials to create natural beauty and experience toxin-free living to the fullest.

Have ideas for us? We want to hear them!

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