June 28, 2017

We believe that if our products are 100% natural and sustainable, then our workshop should live up to that standard too. So, two years ago we made the conscious decision to create a beautiful workplace for our Rocky team that was true to who we are.

workshop lights

Here are the few ways we made it a green workspace:

  • We made the decision to purchase and renovate a used building instead of building a new one.
  • Our marble counter tops are from the exterior of an office tower in Toronto which we refashioned for many spaces throughout the workshop.
  • We made our boardroom table with fir that we salvaged from our old Vancouver store.
  • Only low-VOC paint was used, we added solar electricity, and re-used insulation.
  • We reused existing furnaces, lighting, doors, bathroom fixtures and kitchen cabinets as much as we can.
  • We used reclaimed wood for all millwork and studs as well as recycled fiber carpeting.
  • Any new lighting is from reclaimed sources.
  • We up-cycled old pallets to make a decorative ceiling treatment.
  • Existing and old cabinetry for our lab and offices was up-cycled and re-purposed for the new office
  • Our desk stations are custom built from birch plywood instead of metals, laminates, and plastics.
  • We found used appliances for our office kitchen.
  • We used reclaimed barn fir for kitchen tables.


You can visit our eco-friendly workshop in Canmore on one of our weekly workshop tours! You’ll see how we make our 100% natural products, start to finish, and get the chance to tour our different departments to learn about all the different aspects of our business. You will also receive a $20 gift card to purchase your favorite products online or in-store.


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