March 15, 2021 2 min read

We’re so excited to release the latest in our natural skin care line: the Complete Cream Cleanser. Made with Canadian abyssinian oil, brightening rosehip and purifying kaolin clay, this is the all-in-one face cleanser you’ve been waiting for.


Remove makeup, dirt and other impurities in one simple step. Learn all about the Complete Cream Cleanser and why we love it with our owner and CEO, Karina.

More about our Complete Cream Cleanser

Why we love it

This gentle cleanser removes dirt, oil, makeup and sunscreen in one simple step. Rinses clean without stripping your skin. Grapefruit, Neroli and Geranium combine for a sensory experience that leaves you calm and relaxed at the end of the day.

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Some of the ingredients we love, and what they do

Canadian Abyssinian Oil

Sourced in PEI, Canada, this oil is known for its easy skin absorption and a non-greasy feel. It is naturally high in fatty acids which makes it highly moisturizing, helping to improve overall skin appearance.

Rosehip Oil

This all-natural, unrefined oil is known for its restorative benefits and quick absorption. Rosehip Oil contains Vitamin A which is known to be anti-aging and protective.

Kaolin Clay

The clay helps to stimulate circulation while gently exfoliating and cleansing your skin. It absorbs first and — being the gentlest of the clays — is mild enough for sensitive skin.

Rocky Hacks

Here are some of our favourite ways to make the Cream Cleanser work overtime:

  • Since there’s Kaolin Clay in the cleanser, it can double as a mask! Simply apply a generous amount of cleanser to clean skin and let dry for about 10 minutes, then rinse.
  • Mix a bit of your favourite face polish with cleanser for an exfoliating clean. 

Which one is for me?

You might be wondering which facial cleanser is for you, the Transformative Cleansing Oil or the Complete Cream Cleanser? It really comes down to personal preference, but here are some of the key differences:

Cream Cleanser

  • Cream-based
  • Rich oils in a cream base
  • Splash water on your face to rinse off, or use a cloth to remove makeup
  • Ideal for every day, average makeup and dirt

Transformative Cleansing Oil

  • Oil-based
  • High concentration of oils
  • Use with a cloth or cotton pad to wipe off
  • Can be used with the Gua Sha tool
  • Great for removing heavy makeup

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