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We love a good outdoor shower here at Rocky. It's actually one of our favourite ways to shower!

An outdoor shower means we get to experience nature, smells the air around us and use our favourite products. So, we decided to look around and find some of the most amazing outdoor showers across Canada at places you can actually adventure to (and stay at).

Favourite Outdoor Shower Must-Haves

Outdoor Shower

We love using our Everyday Hero Shower Gel and our lineup of Wild Kindness hair care when we are having an outdoor shower. Made with only simple, natural ingredients, these products are not only good for your body but safe to go into the environment. This means you don't have to worry about them while you are lathering and rinsing in the great outdoors. Our products are great to take travelling and adventuring with you.

We love outdoor showers

There is something amazing about using an outside shower. Maybe, it is the soft breeze, the freedom or just the wildness of showering in the great outdoors and soaking it all in. Nature is scientifically proven to be healthy for you, and showering can be used as a meditation. So go ahead, enjoy your outdoor shower because you deserve it.

A Sense of Ahhh on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is just bursting with nature and ways to connect to it. There are some amazing outdoor showers scattered throughout the island that can get you right up close and personal with the rainforest that surrounds you. On the West Coast, and Tofino you will find your fill of outdoor showers available.

You can smell the leaves in this outdoor shower from Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. Their outdoor shower sits on the edge of one of their fabulous tents. They offer a luxurious "glamping" escape into the outdoors of Vancouver Island near Tofino. From their wilderness adventures to their inspired cuisine and the spa, this is the escape you've been looking for.

Swept away in Quebec

Secluded in the heart of the Gatineau Hills, the next outdoor shower sits in the heart of this idyllic and beautiful destination. Whatever the season, this location is perfect for strolls, enjoying Gatineau and time out in nature.

Motelluxe has been named one of the Canadian's Gems and is a must-stay in the area. This renovated and luxurious Airstream sits next to a porch, plunge pool and wide-open outdoor shower. This shower is the perfect place to escape in the Quebec wilderness.

Taking Rain Showers in Nova Scotia

Who doesn't love a rain shower on a good day? How about outside?

In Nova Scotia, you'll find a little rain shower with views of the water. Located in a renovated century-old home, Periwinkle Cottage, features a little rain shower gives you amazing views of both the forested backdrop and the ocean. The outdoor shower is hot and cold and great for after a day at the beach or exploring Nova Scotia.

Into the Rainforest of Juan De Fuca

In the southern part of Vancouver Island's West Coast lies the Juan De Fuca. This little piece of paradise is charming with its extensive wilderness and stunning coastlines. It is a great place to take a relaxing vacation out in the rainforest and enjoy a chance to unwind in an outdoor shower.

 Outdoor Shower

The Jordan River Cottages feature an amazing outdoor shower, that we love (have you seen it on our website and social?). This little cabin is just a short stroll from the beach and that means both hiking and surfing. Find your little piece of paradise in this outdoor shower.

A Shower in Scenic Ontario

When you think of Ontario, you might be tempted to think of cities. But with the sprawling landscape scattered with lakes and littered with nature, there is no shortage of places to get outside and take an amazing outdoor shower.

Simple Outdoor Shower

Photo From Airbnb 

The Forest Dome in Markdale offers you the true experience of glamping and enjoying the wilderness of Ontario. Be among the birds and the trees in their amazing outdoor shower while you enjoy this private picturesque dome in the woods. This shower is as simple as they come outdoors, but this is perfect for truly experiencing an outdoor shower in Canada. 

Enjoy the Shuswaps with an Outdoor Shower

The lakes of British Columbia are just breathtaking, especially in the Okanagan. The calm blue waters are perfect for swimming, boating and spending your summer days. In the Shuswap, there are some incredible treehouses that you can stay at. One in particular has a solar-powered outdoor shower that lets you enjoy a little privacy while also enjoying the views of the scenery around you.

At The Treehouse at J-heart-Y, you can shower outside, enjoy all the Okanagan has to offer and breathe in the fresh air. With no wifi and limited electricity, this eco-friendly resort is perfect for your outdoor shower.

Don't have an outdoor shower?

We've got you covered with another shower idea to connect you to nature! Why not bring the outdoors in? This way you can still smell nature around you, but you don't have to venture far. 

What are your favourite outdoor showers in Canada? Tell us all about them below!

Looking for more shower inspiration? Here are seven ways to a more sustainable shower.

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