October 03, 2019 3 min read

Showers, we all love them. The warm water, hot steam and ability to lather, rinse and repeat. But why not do this all with a more sustainable shower?

Our bathrooms are one of the easiest places to be a little bit more sustainable in our lives. From our water usage to the products we use, sustainable showers are totally achievable.

Here are seven ways to have a more sustainable shower:

1. Watch Your Water Usage

shower water usage

Showering is the highest usage of water in Canada, with 35% of our household water usage going on them. Behind that are toilets and washing your clothes. It is now mandated that shower-heads have a lesser flow (usually 9.5L/ minute), but timing and water flow have huge impacts on your water usage.

For the average Canadian shower with a standard shower head, you'll use around 75L of water, whereas bathing you could use as much as 150L.

2. Use the "Navy Shower" Method

This might be a little scary sounding… and we were a little wary about it as well. But, this is a tried and true method of saving water that was originally used on Navy ships where water was at a premium. It is actually really simple too, just turn on the water, get wet, turn off the water and lather up, rinse and you're done!

black soap paste

We love this method for our Black Soap Paste where you have a few extra minutes. Instead of letting the water run, take your dollop and work it into your skin. While you let it sit and exfoliate, you can lather up your hair with one of our Wild Kindness Shampoos. Then just rinse and condition.

3. Watch Your Ingredients

showering ingredients going down drain

This is one of those things you might not have thought about. But, have you ever thought about the ingredients going down the drain? There are so many things that shouldn't go into the environment that you might be washing down the drain. With Rocky products though, everything is natural and good for you and for the environment.

4. Opt For Items With Less Packaging

We love bar soap (could you have guessed?) Getting a bare bar soap is an easy way to switch to a completely package-less product in your shower. Even if your fave shampoo comes in plastic, make sure you recycle it.

5. Try it Cold

We all love hot showers, but not only do they use more energy, they can also really dry out your skin. Hot water gets rid of some of the oils on your skin and prohibits your skin from keeping the moisture in. Using some cold water can be good for your skin and hair while also saving some fossil fuels.

6. Collect that Water

Waiting for the water to heat up? Rinsing just in water? Keep a bucket in your shower for those times when you aren't rinsing off soap or suds. This is clean water that is just going down the drain, so why not collect this "grey water" to water your plants or use in your garden?

7. Watch those Pesky Leaks

Did you know that a tap that drips just six times per hour will waste 1200L of water in a year? That is insane. Even more could be wasted through leaky shower heads, running toilets and faulty taps. So, watch those water sources and get them fixed to save you (and your water bill).

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