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With so many options for moisturizers out there, we want to help you find the best one for you. So we’ve decided to demystify your body moisture and tell you the difference between our four top ways to moisturize. This means you can grab the right bottle, tub or tube when your skin is craving a drink.

Creams and Specialty Butters: For deep, healing hydration

Creams have less water and are thicker than body lotions. They are best for a moisture boost and work well on dry skin areas like elbows, hands and feet.

We offer a flaxseed oil-based hand cream and specialty butters like our revered foot butter and hand butter that are great for those dry feet and hands.. This is especially sought after (or shall we say, much needed) in the fall and winter when the temperatures drop and that cold air deprives our skin of moisture.

natural hand cream

Our hand creams are made with cold-pressed organic flax seed oil and are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that deeply nourish your skin while protecting and sealing in moisture.

Our exra-nourishing hand butter is made with avocado oil as its key ingredient hydrating and local beeswax for added protection; the perfect night treatment, when used with or without cotton gloves (oh and did we mention the hint of Patchouli in the scent blend- so lovely!). The same goes for our classic foot butter. Banish dry (and cracked) feet and feel cozy in those wool slippers or wearing those flip flops.

Body Butters: Ultra-Moisturizing

Body butters have the highest concentration of oils in them and are great for when your skin needs a little bit more hydration. They are the heaviest of the moisturizers which is great when your skin is dry, irritated or if you have a condition like eczema. Since they are heavier, they stay on better and do not absorb into the skin as quickly. This might mean a little sticking at first, but it also means that you are locking moisture into your skin.

Woman using an all natural organic Rocky Mountain Soap Company Unscented Body Butter to moisturize her legs.

We offer a range of body butters for everything from dry skin, after sun and for those stretching mama bellies.

Body Lotions: Trendy and Hydrating

Body lotions are the most purchased moisturizer. They are a combination of water and oils that are mixed together to make your skin soft and supple when applied. Lotions contain the most water out of all the moisturizers we’re talking about here.

Lotions are also the most well-known moisturizer. Lotions absorb right into the skin, especially when it is dry, and work well for people of all skin types, but especially for those with oily or acne-prone skin.

body lotion

We make our lotion with a nourishing oat oil blended with shea butter for the ultimate lightweight hydration.

Body Oils: Feels like your skin

Body oils might be one of the most mysterious moisturizers out there. Body oils get a bad rap for causing breakouts and leaving an oily film—but when you use the right body oil, you get a moisturizer that feels like your skin. It soaks right in and feels weightless. Most body oils are actually something called non-comedogenic which means they won't clog pores and cause breakouts. If you are worried though, try it out first on your arms and legs, before moving to your chest, neck or face.

ultimate massage oil

The best time to use a body oil is right after you shower or bathe. Oils absorb quickest and best on warm damp skin. This will allow the body oil to lock in moisture and give your skin that beautiful hydration it craves.

Obviously, body oils are just oils. We have three amazing ones you can try out, our Vanilla Coconut, Lavender and Serenity Massage. All three of these oils contain great skin-healthy oils like coconut, jojoba and abyssinian.

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Connie Gervais
Connie Gervais

March 28, 2020

I use all of these they are wonderful. By seeing the had cream in lavender I hope you still sell that one. I haven’t seen that one for awhile but the other one I use is great

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