June 11, 2019 3 min read

We know that skin care while travelling definitely requires a little thought. This is true whether you are road tripping down the coast, taking a train across the country or flying across the world. Your skin is important and so here are some great tips for travel skin care.

From the dry air and long hours aboard a flight to many miles in the car, you want to get to your destination looking amazing as ever. Seriously, who doesn't want to walk into their vacation with that glowing, healthy, summer skin we all crave?

It's All About The Moisture

The most important thing to think about when travelling is moisturizing. You might be on a different sleep schedule, travelling overnight, or just have numerous layovers. You'll want to that little moisture boost because cruising at 35,000 feet can definitely dry out your skin. Cabin pressure anyone?

For this, we love our travel sized 20ml Essential Face Cream while we're on the go. This all natural moisturizer protects and hydrates all day long. The antioxidant-rich pomegranate oil actually protects your skin from free radicals in the air and the black oats extract forms a layer to strengthen your skin's moisturizing factors.

Take It All Off

If you are wearing makeup, you may want to remove it while travelling. This is especially true when you are travelling overnight or for long distances. For the majority of us on a plane sitting in economy, we don't have the luxury of either legroom or a place to put out our skin care routine.

So, instead of waiting in line and trying to wash your face in a turbulent plane/train/bus bathroom (and hopefully not making a mess everywhere), reach for Rocky's Transformative Cleansing Oil. This is great to remove all the dirt and makeup off of your face. It works for either oily or dry skin and is perfect for when you just have a cotton pad and your tray table.

plane in the sky

Spritz Your Skin

Wow, travelling is hard work. Your skin is probably thirsty for a boost. A Face Toner is the answer your skin has been looking for. A couple of quick sprays of our Hydrating Toner is a great addition to your travel skin care routine.

Keep That Perfect Pucker

Don't forget to moisturize that pucker! You want beautiful kissable lips, and so applying your favourite Lip Butter is a perfect pairing to your travel skin care routine.

Woman sitting with great skin

Pro-Tip: Add some SPF to your lips, because the last thing you want is sunburnt lips.

Don't Skip The Sunscreen

No matter how you are travelling, you are probably exposed to the sun. Did you know that even on airplanes that UVA rays can penetrate the windows? Crazy right! So, whatever travel type you're up to this summer, make sure to not skip the Natural Sunscreen.

Though it goes without saying, adding sunscreen to your skin care routine will keep your skin protected and radiant!

woman travelling with a roller bag

Enjoy Your Beauty Rest

If you've got a 16-hour flight or an overnight train, you're probably looking to get some beauty rest. One great travel skin care tip is to use our hydrating and moisturizing Essential Eye Cream around your eyes before you go to sleep. This will let that sensitive skin get some extra moisture and protection.

Keep Your Routine

While travelling, one of the best things you can do is try to keep your routine. That means bringing all your favourite skin care products with you on the go. This can be tricky, but if you love Rocky products many of them come in travel size.

Don't Forget To Hydrate

Though it is not a typical skin care tip for travelling, no matter which way you choose to travel, make sure you are hydrated. Get that glass of water, bring a water bottle and always stay hydrated. Your skin will love you for it.

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