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There’s nothing quite like slipping into a hot bath after a long hard day, especially when it’s a little chilly out. Maybe you’ve been hitting the slopes, the cross country ski tracks or heck — you don’t need an excuse. Maybe you just want to have a bath.

What you don’t want to do is worry about what’s IN your bath. You’re there to sit back and relax. Enter: The Better Bubble Bath.

Why Ingredients Matter

Most other bubble baths rely on sodium laureth sulfates (SLS) to make their lather, and us humans these days tend to associate “bubbles” and “lather” with “clean”. Sulfates are a big no-no for us. You can find them on our red list. That’s because they are a known skin irritant in higher concentrations. While generally regarded as safe in rinse-off products, Health Canada notes that the surfactant can cause skin or eye irritation in high levels. Not to mention that SLS is derived from petroleum or plant sources, which could be palm oil. No thanks!

GIF of woman blowing bubbles.

What We Do Differently

Our bubbles are guilt-free, stress-free and come straight from nature. So what’s in our Bubble Bath that makes the bubbles last and last? If you’ve ever tried using just any ol’ liquid castile soap, you know that you need something special for a tub full of bub.

Coco Glucoside

This gentle surfactant is produced through a chemical reaction between fruit sugars and ingredients in coconut oil, hence the name. Because it’s a non-ionic surfactant (we’ll explain) it lowers the surface tension between two liquids to actually keep them together. It also has foaming power.

Coco Betaine

This ingredient has the big guns — the big foam guns, that is. And it comes from some surprising, all-natural places. Coco Betaine is made by combining Coconut Fatty Acids with Betaine. At Rocky Mountain Soap Company we use a Betaine that is made from Beet Root. That’s right! We got the beet. These two ingredients combine for a luxurious natural bubble bath that lasts and lasts.

Image of hand holding natural bubble bath in tub surrounded by suds.

Why so soft

So that’s how we make those incredible bubbles, but you might be wondering what makes our Bubble Bath so skin-softening.


Vegetable-derived Glycerin, like we use at Rocky, is a humectant. That means it actually helps your skin to retain moisture. At Rocky, our vegetable Glycerin is derived entirely from Coconut Oil.

Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid at Rocky comes from fermentation of the sugar glucose in molasses (yum!). What it does for your skin as an ingredient is gentle exfoliation. That’s because it’s actually a form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It not only makes your skin soft but is known to promote collagen production.

Image of woman and suds on her face with natural bubble bath

So go ahead, sink into the tub and forget about your worries, and at Rocky you never have to worry about what goes on your skin!

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Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Rocky Mountain Soap Company

February 12, 2021

Hi @ELEANOR GUSTAW Thank you so much for your kind words! We love sharing what makes our products work. We’re so happy to have you in the community!

Eleanor Gustaw
Eleanor Gustaw

February 05, 2021

I really am fascinated by this information. Thank you! I also love the pictures of the flowers. Learned something new; I love flowers. You do so much work to make everything extraordinary and special to your customers. I’ve used some of your products and find them so beautiful and amazing! Thank you for the joy you give in blessing others! I’m so glad that I found Rocky Mountain!

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