A match made in nature

Pascale Ouellet is the artist behind “nom de plume” Bigoudi. A Quebec Native and mom of two, she lives, paints and teaches art in the Canadian Rockies. Her daily immersion in nature inspires her creativity and informs her artistry. Find her art on display at select galleries across Canada and at the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Eaton Centre and the PATH store locations.

Toronto Eaton Centre Painting

Moving from Quebec and to the foothills of Alberta, Bigoudi became fascinated by our relationship with livestock.

“As sources of food, clothing and other consumer goods, we rely heavily on these animals in our daily lives. Yet, we generally give little heed to their existence or the conditions under which they live.” - Pascale Ouellet

Bigoudi uses her artwork to glorify livestock and express her feelings on this relationship through her own relationship with her paintbrush.


painting close up

Bigoudi works with a variety of mediums and is always taking risks, pushing the boundaries of her artistic talent. She not only paints but also loves to sculpt. In fact, you will find her sculpting ice at Canmore’s Winter Carnival. When we approached her to create some paintings for our stores, she was excited about the opportunity for her to try something new. After years of painting still life, Bigoudi decided to start expressing herself through abstract art. There is nothing Bigoudi can’t do! Her beautiful abstract paintings can be found in two of our new Toronto store locations – Eaton Centre and Toronto PATH.

Pascale Ouellet

Originally published June 29, 2018

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