Our First Bare Bar Soap

Spring is here, and we wanted to start the season off with something amazing: a bare bar! It’s our first naked soap and we wanted to show it off.

unwrapped soap

Keeping our April feature soap, Awaken, bare was done for two reasons. To start, we wanted to show off how beautiful this soap is. It has nods to daffodils and daisies, and swirls of colour made from amazing natural ingredients. There is a beautiful art to soap making. You experience this when you see colours and real ingredients come together in a way you can feel, smell and see.

The second and more important reason we left the soap bare is that not creating any packaging for this feature soap saved over 3500 labels. This means that there were 3500 labels that didn't need to be produced and that you don't have to recycle. That’s a lot of paper!

awaken soap bars

What’s New With Our Soap Wrappers

soap wrappers

With the launch of our first bare bar soap, we wanted to tell you what else is new with our soap wrappers. We worked hard to make the switch to a smaller, recyclable, simpler and better wrapper. So, it’s time to share.

They’re Now 100% Recycled

Although we have been using totally recyclable paper on our soap wrappers for a long time, we wanted to find a paper that was 100% recycled, too. That’s why we chose to make our soaps with Rolland Enviro Satin 100.

This paper is FSC certified, Ancient Forest Friendly, and Rain forest Alliance certified, it is one of the best-certified papers for reducing environmental impact, so it is a win-win-win for us and a no brainer to change to this packaging.

We Are Saving Paper

We eliminated a quarter of an inch (6.35mm) from the length of our wrapper. Although it does not sound like much, over the course of a year, we will be able to save about 2.5 km of wrapper paper! (6.35mm x 393,000 soap wrappers = 2.495 km).

Those small reductions in weight also add up to savings in shipping costs and emissions.

The New Soap Wrappers Are Simpler For You

We want to keep things simple for you. As we updated our packaging, this philosophy was a driving force.

Our fans know we have been wrapping our soap with the translucent “vellum” paper for a long time, and it became one of our trademarks. However, the translucency sometimes made it hard to read (and difficult to scan the barcode, too).

bar soap

Transparency is an important policy to us - we want it to be easy for our customers to understand what is in their products. As we strive to maintain only ten ingredients or less in our products, we want to share exactly what those top-quality, natural ingredients are, as clearly as possible. Now that our wrappers are printed on solid white paper, they are easier to read.

We Are Working With a More Local Supplier

Previously, we produced our wrappers in Vancouver, BC. They were then shipped across the mountains to be delivered to our office and workshop in Canmore. Over the course of this update, we worked with United Graphics in Calgary to reduce the resources and time required to produce and deliver our finished wrappers to our workshop. This saves us in emissions and transport.

Originally published April 03, 2019

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