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It's hard to believe how much garbage that we accumulate from product packaging, food waste, and items that we no longer want. In Canada, we generate approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage every year. This means that each person generates an astounding 2.7 kg of garbage each day. It's a bitter truth, isn't it?

Now with many landfill sites approaching capacity, it's more important than ever for us to look more closely at the products that we are buying and creating. This is one challenge that we're taking seriously at Rocky, as we continue to make bold decisions that bring us closer to meeting our goal of becoming a zero waste company!

We're so proud of the steps that we've taken so far! Last year alone, we successfully diverted 291,325 kg of waste from landfills through our recycling and composting initiatives, product donations, and our new store and workshop designs. 

But now it's time to tackle our packaging!

If you've already tried our new Lip Quench, you'll know that it's made with simple and all natural ingredients like organic avocado, coconut oil, and beeswax, that are safe for you. But you may not realize that the packaging it's in, is also safe for our earth. Here's why:

  1. RESPONSIBLE SOURCING: The paperboard used to make these paper pots is made from 85% recycled content and 85% post consumer waste. What's post consumer waste or PCW? It's a paper fibre that has been recycled by you at home.  By using recycled content, it means our forests remain untouched.
  2. SAFE FOR THE EARTH: The pots are created using only natural fibres that can go safely back to the earth. They are biodegradable and recyclable, and can also be composted, creating a unique circle of life that is completely waste free.
  3. CLEAN PRODUCTION: The pots are made with layers of 100% paperboard, so no pollutants are added to the air, water or waste stream. The paper waste produced during production also gets recycled and can be used for new projects!
  4. INK & COATING FREE: Our paper pots are free from any toxic ink or coating. The labels are applied by hand at our workshop in Canmore & can easily be removed prior to recycling or composting. The adhesives used to seal the edges are water-based (not solvent).
  5. MADE LOCAL: The packages are made in North America. We always try to source our ingredients and packaging as close to home as possible!

Discover our New Hydrating Lip Quench in biodegradable paper pots & receive a free packet of wildflower seeds with every purchase. Offer valid online or in-store from August 1st until 15th, while supplies last.


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  • I am so happy to see that Rocky Mountain Soap Co. takes responsibility for not only the quality of the products, but also for the packaging they are stored in! I really hope that you will be continuing this trend by adding more compostable packaging to your inventory, or better yet, a container recycling/bring your own container program! I would certainly be more inclined to shop at your store if you did. ;)

    Katie Schultz on