Traffic. Social media. Families and schedules. The day-to-day speeds along, and where does that leave us? Frazzled and scattered. Ugh. We crave time to sl-l-o-o-ow down and really live life.

But how?

By reconnecting to what’s important. By showing how we care through our actions. By embracing Slow Beauty. It starts with paying attention and plays out in our routines and practices: in our evening skin care ritual and a good night’s sleep.


Slow beauty lives in wholesomeness and authenticity. Small-batch over mass-produced. Worker input in product development over centralized labs. Home-cooked over drive-through. Deep inhale over rush-rush.

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Slow Beauty = lifestyle + daily practice.

​Slow Beauty is consciously sourcing ingredients and only using what we need. Minimalist and slow food movements speak our language, and Slow Beauty brings it all back home. We don’t see our beauty or ages as problems to be solved. We prefer simple nourishment, like rosehips in our cleansing oil and organic ingredients. Naturally, we know that it’s our spontaneous smile that turns heads, and the goodness in this morning’s pomegranate day cream simply enhances that.

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"Slow beauty isn’t about what’s on your skin; it’s about who you are and what you believe in. It’s a lifestyle that includes living simply and naturally." 

Slow beauty grounds our origin story. . .

From the start, we have seen the benefits of using simple ingredients to create quality skincare. We believe that all ages, all colours, all sizes, and all styles are beautiful and we’re here to support each and every one of you. We support your best habits. We actively explore and investigate, examining our recipes to ensure that only the best (ten or less, where we can) ingredients end up in the jars on their way to you. We meet with local growers and share their fresh ingredient goodness with you.

. . . and slow beauty informs our future

At our Canmore workshop, we have team meals and twice-weekly yoga. We encourage breathing fresh air, and support healthy movement. All-natural and hand-crafted have always led our product development. Conscious of our environmental footprint, we found greener materials for our storefronts. Now, several of our stores—like our flagship Canmore and Calgary’s Chinook Mall shops—contain only recycled or repurposed materials. It takes more time than building from new materials, but when it’s what you believe in, there are no compromises. We meet with packaging developers to find simple containers that have lower environmental impacts and work. We poke and prod and ask questions at each step so that you don’t have to. 

But what does “Slow Beauty” mean to you?

You already value good food, even if you grab something fast sometimes. Exercise? You’ve got this. You protect your skin and know that natural nourishment—inside and out—supports your best health.

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It’s really nothing new. But tell us: what does Slow Beauty mean to you?

Originally published September 07, 2017

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