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You’ve probably experienced some kind of foaming wash before. The liquid soap that foams on its own is fairly widespread. But what makes it foam and why would you opt for that over other liquid soaps, or a bar?

Hand pumping all natural foaming wash from dispenser.

What is it?

Foaming Wash is a liquid soap, and in the case of Rocky, they’re all 100% natural liquid soaps, made with the same rich base of Water, Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Olive Oil. The water content helps keep the formula gentle, and thin enough to work in the pump. Even though there is higher water content you use much less product to get a luxurious foam, so a little goes a long way.

How does it work?

Foaming wash is a thinner liquid, because of the water content (but don’t worry, like we said you use less product). The secret to making it foam automatically actually lies in the pump. As the liquid soap moves up the pump, it gets mixed with air and is released as a foam (who doesn’t love bubbles). It’s that simple! Because the formula is different and thinner, you’re not able to put our other liquid soaps into the same dispenser to foam. They’re too thick.

Gif of hand picking from 3 Foaming Wash 1 L refills.

Why go foamy?

Because you use so little product (but get a great foam) out of foaming wash, a little goes a long way. That means that the product will last you longer and you put less down the drain. Both of those things are big bonuses for the planet. It’s efficient, especially if you go big with a refill bottle. Not only does the 1L format save 59% of plastic from landfills, you can save the bottle and return it to our stores where we'll give it a second life.

Baby's head being cleaned with all natural foaming wash.

Half the hands!

Another reason people love Foaming Wash is it takes little to no effort to have a nice lather. That means you can get it nice and foamy with just one hand, keeping your other hand free for more important things (like little bundles of joy).

Are you a Foaming Wash fan? Which scent is your favourite?

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