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Remember when millions of people around the world filled the streets for the Global Climate March? 2019 more than any previous year put the climate change crisis in the spotlight.

More than ever, people are looking to live responsibly and reduce their impact on the planet. With that in mind we reached out to Rocky staff to see what their favourite sustainability tips are, and what they want to improve on in the new year.

*Also, please look out for more refillable options from us in 2020. We're working hard to reduce our impact on the planet.


"Taking the bus to work - love the 10min walk to the bus stop. It’s great transition time. The bus is like having a chauffeur! I get to check my emails or have some thinking time.

Family is going Vegan - we are going Vegan at the start of the new year. We want to try something different and each of us is learning more about the health benefits and environmental benefits.

Plastic wrap + ziplock bags - we no longer purchase these and instead are using beeswax wraps and reuse-able silicone bags for lunch items.

Re-useable cups and utensils - Cam has a spork for each member of the family in his car so that when we are on family road trips and stop for food along the way we can use our own cutlery and drink cup."

     - Karina, our CEO

“My commitment for this season is to use the slow cooker at least three times a week. Slow cookers typically use half the energy/electricity needed to cook dinner in the oven—they are also the perfect way to use up vegetables that might be going bad in the fridge (less food waste), cook tougher or less desirable cuts of meat (using the whole animal) and cook dried pulses/grains (fewer canned beans = less packaging overall … slow cooked beans and grains are also easier to digest).”

     - Carolynn

“I did a year of only buying used clothing – nothing new!”

     - Sarah

“I am going to try to ride my bike more in the spring/ summer to cut down on my driving.” 

     - Annie

Person biking on a trail with mountains in the background.

“This has minimal impact because we don’t go out for food often, but bringing a reusable container to the restaurant to take anything you can’t finish. You get a weird look sometimes, but worth it!”

     - Martin

“Ooooo!! So many things!

  • Keep glass jars from sauces and other things to reuse
  • Fill up what I can at bulk barn
  • Bring my own reusable grocery and produce bags
  • Use all natural products
  • Eat vegan! (Meatless Mondays is a good way to start!)
  • Invest in reusable straws (can find them cheap from lots of places!)
  • Beeswax wraps for food
  • Thrift shop as much as I can 

Those are just a few!”

     - Chloe

“I’m now using the reusable mesh produce bags which are awesome!  As well as grocery bags, but hopefully everyone is doing that already.”

     - Lois

“We are currently doing a zero waste initiative in our store and educating our team on how to recycle and what gets recycled where.  In our last meeting, we agreed to also properly clean and prep items to be recycled ie. rinsing, removing labels. We have taken an oath as a team to collectively repurpose all the sugar scrub jars in the new year.


Also, my friends and I host a weekly dinner on Sunday's called "Game Day", named after the documentary “Gamechangers.” We get together to cook a vegan meal as a community, to help learn more about plant based cooking in a social setting.” 

     - Leigha

Learn to make a DIY water garden from empty sugar scrub containers. 

“I try to leave a reusable cup in my car so that when I get a takeaway coffee I always have it :) (well, most of the time haha)! & the beeswax paper - so handy! even some grocery stores sell them now.” 

     - Kait

Three mason jars filled with vegetables and grains lined up on a counter. 

“I invested in a LOT of mason jars has made a big change in my day to day life.


I spend Sunday evenings meal prepping. I portion out lunches and breakfasts for the week in mason jars so we can grab and go in the morning and freeze the rest for leftovers. This way it's easy to bring lunch to work, and if I'm too lazy to cook during the week I have some frozen options for a quick dinner.


I bring an empty mason jar with me in case I want to buy a coffee - I just get them to use a mason jar.


I fill the mason jars with water and fruit for tasty beverages throughout the day.


I use them for bulk shopping, I use them for plants, I use them for everything!!


This was my first step away from plastic and just overall being more conscious, especially about packaging.”

     - Carina

What are your eco-resolutions for 2020? Let us know!

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January 13, 2020

After seeing an exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium that showed you all the garbage that was collected off the shoreline I realized the bathroom was a huge culprit. Toothbrushes, single use razors and tampon applicators to name a few. So, I’m trying to majorly reduce plastics, but specifically in the bathroom. I’ve switched to a silicon cup (instead of tampons), started using compostable floss (comes in a reusable glass jar), bar hand soap and shampoo among others. Feels good to make a difference!

Maureen P
Maureen P

January 10, 2020

Composting – I compost at home and I collect compost from our office and bring back mature compost for my colleagues every fall. When I do laundry I do multiple loads and re-use the same water (so sorting is very important!). I run commute (10 km each way) to work in the winter and bike the rest of the year.


January 10, 2020

I am going to….
- see how many single-use cups I can eliminate from my own consumption by always having my reusable cup with me. (and completely eliminate my use of plastic straws)
- purchase some beeswax wraps to reduce the amount of saran wrap used in my kitchen
- stop buying paper towels. (I have pretty much stopped using them…but still must have a few for draining bacon…alternatives?)
- either re-use aluminum foil by washing a reusing, or stop using it altogether and find better options
- not be embarrassed when I take a reusable container to the deli, take out counter or for restaurant leftovers.
- keep the conversation going with my family about how we can make better choices every day.

Sally Corrick
Sally Corrick

January 10, 2020

Really enjoy your blogs and of course your products. I live in the UK but I heard of Rocky Mountain through my niece in Calgary and as a result I’ve bought quite a selection of your wonderful skin products. Keep going from strength to strength and thank you for such a beautiful and educational site!!! Sally (United Kingdom)


January 10, 2020

In 2014 I bought an acre of land and I live in a 12×16 cabin. I don’t have water on the property so this has been a great lesson for me in learning to conserve. I do have power, but I would love to convert to solar…I have hens for eggs and grow sprouts and herbs…I like my smaller imprint, but I know that I could do much better….I recycle everything and my hens get most of the fruit and veggie scraps…so happy that Rocky is amping up their recycling…leading by example! I believe that everyone can and must make the effort…


January 10, 2020

I have been thinking and want to change things to help the climate changes not to happen. I was not exactly sure what I can do but reading what you have put on here has let me know the things I need and want to change.
Thank you so much

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