June 13, 2022 2 min read

The anti-aging conversation has changed in recent years. Although aging was previously associated with corrective measures and trying to look as youthful as possible, the new narrative is something entirely different.


While perusing through a mall 15 years ago, you were probably graced by large posters beside makeup counters promising to banish crow's feet and smooth wrinkles. Growing older seemed to be something to avoid and correct at all costs.

More recently, the narrative is evolving. Instead of seeing our skin changes as something to improve, we’ve begun to love our skin at all stages of life. In this age of skin positivity, people have begun caring for their skin from a young age and enjoying the wellness benefits that come with soothing self-care rituals. It’s now about radiant and healthy skin for life.

Aging has become a holistic experience. Spending time outdoors in nature, exercising, laughing with loved ones, and using formulas rich in plant nutrients can all be a welcome part of aging. We believe that nature offers the best our skin can get and incorporating the natural world into our aging experience can help us glow from the inside out.

Gua Sha


  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Moisturizing daily is one of the best ways you can keep your skin looking and feeling its best.
  2. Add vitamins and antioxidants to your routine. Eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables as well as using skincare products infused with nutrients can help your skin glow from the inside out.
  3. Enrich your daily rituals with self-care. Using a facial tool like a gua sha can provide skincare benefits while also creating mindfulness in your daily life. Taking the time to invest in yourself sends a positive message of self-love.
  4. Protect your skin daily with natural sunscreen. This is the number one step you can take to prevent sun damage and promote skin health.
  5. Embrace the skin you’re in. Change the perspective from anti-aging to healthy aging. Your skin deserves the utmost care.

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