Upcycle Your Lip Quench Packaging

August 02, 2016

Have you tried our New Hydrating Lip Quench yet? You must. They're quickly becoming an essential for all the ladies on our team. And who can blame us? Made with simple and fresh ingredients like organic avocado, coconut oil, and beeswax & tinted with all natural mica and iron oxides; they are a safe and natural option to colour your lips.

What's even more special about these beautiful lip colours, is the packaging that it comes in. The Biodegradable Paper Pots are created using layers of all natural fibres from recycled materials and post-consumer waste. They are not only biodegradable and recyclable, but can also be composted, creating a unique circle of life that is completely waste free!

Our favourite way to return these paper pots to the Earth safely, is by using them to start seedlings! Pick your favourite herb, vegetable, or even wildflower seeds & get started with these 5 easy steps below:


  • Empty pot of Lip Quench
  • Packet of seeds*
  • Soil
  • Sunlight
  1. Remove the label from your empty Lip Quench pot. These are applied by hand at our workshop in Canmore & can easily be removed and discarded. There's no need to clean out the pot as all ingredients in our Lip Quench are completely natural, and safe for you and our environment.
  2. Gently place soil into the paper pot. You won't need much! Try using a teaspoon to help get the soil into the pot. Careful not to pack the soil, it's best to leave it a bit loose so it can aerate.
  3. Plant your seeds.Following the directions on the back of your favourite seed packet, plant a few seeds into the pot. 
  4. Add sunlight and water.Watch your seedlings grow! 
  5. Transplant. When your seedlings begin to outgrow the pot, transfer to a larger indoor pot or transplant outside in your garden. Plant the pot directly into the soil & let it degrade naturally back to the Earth.

*Receive a free packet of wildflower seeds with every purchase of Lip Quench. Offer valid online or in-store from August 1st until 15th, while supplies last.