Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusively for those with a significant other. It’s a day in the year that we reserve to recognize love. Whether that’s a love you have for a partner, a friend or yourself, it’s a wonderfully human moment to recognize that love comes in many forms, and there are many ways to share it.


The ideas are endless! Here are a few for inspiration.

  • Hide a few surprises love notes that your Valentine will find throughout the day. Pop one in their purse, another in their lunch box and maybe another in a coat pocket.
  • Spend time together. A wonderful idea for a family. Spending time together on February 14th shows acknowledgment of your love and appreciation for each other. Spend the evening enjoying dinner, playing board games or going for a walk to see the stars.
  • Find an old photo of you both together and write a note with it on what made you fall in love with them at the time the photo was taken, and what you still love about them now.

Under $10

Candy Hearts + New Bath Bomb of the Month

Nostalgia awaits in this simple way to say, ‘I love you’. Pair candy hearts for your sweetheart with our new blushing Bath Bomb of the Month and tie together with a simple cotton bow. Voilà!

Under $50

Mix Tape + Bathing Bliss Gift Set

A blissful combination for the senses! Put together a mixtape for your nearest and dearest filled with their favourite music that will make them smile and tap their toes. Then put the tunes on, draw them a hot bath and place a Bathing Bliss gift set on the side of the tub!

Under $70

Homemade Kombucha + Essential Oils

Your Valentine will love the wellness theme in this bountiful little bundle. Making kombucha tea at home only requires a few simple, fresh ingredients like fruit or spices, and 24hrs to ferment. Once ready, you can pour the detoxifying and immune boosting mix in a mason jar topped with a handwritten note, and you’ve got a beautifully thoughtful (and refreshing!) gift.

The essential oils are an added extra and we recommend the Organic Sweet Orange for your sweetheart.

Happy Valentine’s, from us to you.

Originally published February 01, 2017

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