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With the days getting longer, more of our skin tends to be exposed to the elements. While this is great — the warmer days allow us to increase our vitamin D exposure and in turn our serotonin production — what can we do to ensure our bodies largest organ is prepped, primed and protected during these warmer months?

Woman exfoliating shoulder.

Deeper moisture

We need moisture overall to keep healthy in the summer, beyond downing more H20 after spending the day in the hot sun. When you remove dead skin by exfoliating your body, your new skin allows moisturisers to penetrate deeper and effectively while leaving your skin fresh and healthy-looking. When you exfoliate your body with a deeply nourishing Body Scrub, not only are you sloughing off the dead skin cells, you’re restoring your skin’s moisture with nourishing, organic Cocoa Butter, Coconut and Sunflower Seed Oils. Your canvas is also prepped to take sunscreen on your smooth, exfoliated skin. So enjoy the sunshine, but not the harmful rays. Our SPF 31, 100% Natural Sunscreen Face & Body Lotion is everything you want in a natural sunscreen, with a great Vanilla Coconut scent that leaves no white cast on your skin.

Proper exfoliation also effectively removes the barrier of dead skin cells, and allows rejuvenation of the fresh new cells below. Cell turnover is important for skin health, keeping you looking fresh and healthy with an ultra-dewy glow.

Circular motions never felt so good

Good news! The motion of exfoliating your skin stimulates blood flow which also helps to flush out any nasty toxins from our bodies.

Exfoliating your skin is also a great way to stimulate lymphatic drainage. This, along with improved blood flow, also helps to improve skin elasticity and minimise the appearance of cellulite thus enhancing your all over body glow. Yay!

Three different face polishes

Face off

Exfoliating your face for a glowing, healthy complexion is also key during the summer. Made with all natural ingredients, our Face Polish will leave your skin glowing, fresh and ready for the week. Just give the bottle a shake into your hand, combine it with a base and exfoliate your face. Choose from Bamboo, Aloe Vera or Vanilla Coconut.
    What else to know:
  • Use 2-3 times per week depending on your skin type
  • Be an artist and pick your medium – you can combine with yogurt, Pomegranate Day Cream, honey, or whatever natural base you want
  • Pick your body part – also excellent in our body wash on your arms, chest or neck

Brush that body

Body brushes are a great way to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin, keeping your smooth and soft whilst stimulating your circulation for that perfect natural summer glow.

Try using our Sisal and Jute body brushes in the shower a few times a week. Add a few squirts of our Everyday Hero Shower Gel to your brush and take your shower to a completely new level with amazing scents of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Peppermint. Let the reviving scents invigorate you as you brush away all those impurities. Here are our tips and tricks to easily work this 15-minute body exfoliation ritual into your day.

Woman applying natural sunscreen to her arm.

5 Benefits of Body Brushing Exfoliation

  • Exfoliates by shedding dead skin cells, revealing soft, healthy skin.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage, helping the body release toxins.
  • Stimulates and increases blood circulation.
  • Rejuvenates your nervous system, by stimulating nerve endings in the skin.
  • Prevents and removes ingrown hairs, leaving skin smooth.

Did you know you can use our body brushes both in the shower with your favourite Rocky body wash or as a dry brush? Dry brushing has been used for centuries in Nordic cultures to keep the body healthy, and it's now a popular treatment option at many day spas and wellness centres. But it's also incredibly easy to adopt into your daily routine. So now is a better time than ever to get your skin soft and glowing and your blood circulation improved and flowing! Enjoy your summer skin and the goodness of natural moisturisation and sun protection the Rocky approved way!

How do you care for your skin in the summer?

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