August 06, 2015

You might be familiar with SLS and SLES already, but if you're not, here's a primer on why you might want to choose a soap that is made without these two ingredients.

Most of the soap products on the market today contain an ingredient known as SLS. That's an acronym for Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is a harsh synthetic detergent and foaming agent that corrodes in order to clean. Companies use SLS to create a rich lather, and for its intense cleaning action. Unfortunately SLS has been on the radar of organizations like the Environmental Working Group, and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, because it's been linked to issues such as canker sores (in toothpaste) and eczema (in soap).

In her book Beauty Bible, Paula Begoun (The Cosmetics Cop) writes, "[SLS is] considered a standard comparison substance for measuring skin irritancy of other ingredients. Thus in scientific studies, when they want to establish whether or not an ingredient is problematic for skin, they compare its effect to the results of SLS. In amounts of 2% to 5%, it can cause allergic or sensitizing reactions in lots of people."

Many companies have tried to soften the effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, by a process called Ethoxylation which changes it to Sodium Laureth Sulfate. The problem with this is twofold; ethoxylation generates a by-product known as 1,4 dioxane, which is a known carcinogen whose track record is much uglier than SLS. And secondly, there are still many cases of laureth sulfates being linked to skin irritation and eczema.

Our natural soaps are made with 100% natural ingredients such as coconut oil, flowers, and herbs. These natural ingredients are just as effective as synthetic ones and are a lot safer. Coconut oil creates a rich lather naturally, without the use of corrosive cleaning and foaming agent.

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